The case of the ignorant adoptee

Date: 12/7/2012 at 22:56
From: Doyen Aarbrok Lunare, Vicar of the Mystborn
To : Lion Jensen Starion, the Cannibal Cook
Subj: The case of the ignorant adoptee

Dearest Jensen

Few of us are as smart as we?d like to be. You?re sharper than X (maybe)
but dull next to Y. Mortal intelligence varies. And this matters,
because smarter people generally earn more gold, enjoy better longevity,
raise smarter children, feel happier, and, just to rub it in, provide
something worthwhile as well.

But where does intelligence come from? How is it built? Long have
scholars tried hard to find the answer in our genes. They?ve analyzed
the genomes of thousands of willing participants, looking for genetic
variants that clearly affect intelligence, and have found a few
interesting details

The genetic factors may be at work: but the researchers couldn?t tell
which of these genes created any significant effect. And when they tried
to use the genes to predict differences in intelligence, they could
account for only 1 percent of the differences in IQ.

But is the genetic cup really empty, or are we just looking for the
wrong stuff? I propose that instead of thinking about the genetics of
intelligence, we should be trying to parse ?the genetics of stupidity,?
as his title put it. We should look not for genetic dynamics that build
intelligence but for those that erode it.

The sad realization you should come to is the very word "Adopted" is oft
keyword for a wifes infidelity, pity she was out being a trollop with a
half-wit you were so willing to adopt.

Long story short, no one cares about your family or your half retarded
rogue child.

Dr. Aarbrok Lunare

Penned by my hand on the 20th of Ios, in the year 378 MA.