Auction Date and Lunare Ball

Date: 11/24/2012 at 19:54
From: Progeny of the Ritualist, Gabriele Lunare
To : Everyone
Subj: Auction Date and Lunare Ball


On the first of Chakros this year, house Lunare will be holding its
inaugural fundraising People Auction, allowing members of the general
public to 'bid' on a date with a selection of volunteers. Dates will be
auctioned for two days of their time, and each auctionee will outline
their 'date proposal' prior to the auction.

The venue will be the Lunare Ballroom, within Spinesreach, and anyone on
good-standing with the city is free to attend. As well as the auction
itself there will be complimentary food and drink, with an informal
party being held alongside the event.

Meanwhile anyone who would like to volunteer their servces in
assistance, or who fancies a bit of fun and is prepared to stand as an
'Auctionee', please contact me and I will make the necessary
arrangements. Dig deep in your pockets, turn up with your gold, and see
what takes your fancy.

Next, we shall be throwing our grand sweetheart ball, taking place in
Lleian. Color scheme for the evening shall be black and red. Food and
beverages shall be provided, along with entertainment for the evening.
We encourage all allies of Spinesreach to feel welcome to attend and
join us as we party the night away within the Lunare Ballroom in

If you have any questions please send a to message His Imperial Grace
Yoshera or myself, we will be happy to answer them, Thank you all

~ Gabriele

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Ios, in the year 377 MA.