Bloodloch - Spinesreach Treaty

Date: 11/22/2012 at 16:27
From: Keeper Lyl Cardinalis
To : Everyone
Subj: Bloodloch - Spinesreach Treaty

To whom it may concern,

The actions of Lieutenant Elanth Ishilind of The Syssin Syndicate,
either improvidently misguided or unscrupulously intentional, have lead
to revocation of a long-standing treaty of cooperation between the
Cities of Bloodloch and Spinesreach. Contrary to Lieutenant Ishilind's
blanket accusations, the Spirean side was the one violating the
aforementioned treaty by way of failing to put a stop to their citizen
Illinian's continued infractions of Bloodlochian laws, including
multiple charges of trespassing, harassment and attempted murder of
Bloodlochian citizens within the City limits. Nonetheless, the City of
Bloodloch is willing to consider reopening negotiations when the new
Spirean committee is appointed.

Concerning the ramifications for Spinesreach-based organizations, the
City of Bloodloch will continue to honor all of the active treaties,
provided that said organizations adhere to their terms likewise.
Furthermore, to individuals inquiring about Bloodlochian citizenship -
it is open to those in good standing with the City of Bloodloch,
provided that they have, or are about to embrace Undeath, and/or the
form of Azudim.

And lastly, Lieutenant Ishilind, - the City of Bloodloch has already
voided the treaty, there is no need for further action on your part in
that regard. Speaking of the Spire of Mystery, however, you seem to be
forgetting that the Ultraist is the Patron of Spinesreach, not the other
way around, and claiming Her to be a vassal to the Republic, secular
state or not, is utterly ill-advised.

Should anyone have further questions, feel free to bring them before
myself or any other Overlord.

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Variach, in the year 377 MA.