Brendan, the Abbot of the Sentaari

Date: 10/11/2012 at 19:01
From: Tracker Ladrana Arcan, the Cannibal Tigress
To : Everyone
Subj: Brendan, the Abbot of the Sentaari

Hello, everyone! Once again, I am making a post that I -KNOW- is going
to upset Brendan, and I proudly do so.

Up to present, I have not spoken up about his misdeed and misconduct, or
his shady background, but now, he has asked to join Duiran. This, I
cannot allow.

As Decana of the Sentaari, he pushed ALL of his duties onto his wife and
I, as well as a fellow monk that he -NEVER- gave credit to. He gave me
the idea of the clan I currently have made for those of Monk class
(CLANHELP TBN for details on it) and he removed me from Sentaari for
'Making that clan without his permission', which most of us know to be a
blatant lie.

I have reason to believe that he did ALL of this in order to have a
reason to remove me from the Sentaari because I was going to contest
him. AS SOON AS he became Abbot, he DISSOLVED the Hilltop Monastery
clan, which had been the Sentaari's backbone for longer than nearly any
of us can remember, and all of the precious information within. He then
asked me to HELP HIM OUT OF IT by thinking of an excuse for why it was
done. The excuse being that 'It was time for change anyways.'

He DISSOLVED the three path clans without consent from ANY of the
members, and if he had asked them, we would have ALL likely been against
it, hence why he did not ask.

He is on a leash by his wife, Kerryn, who controls nearly everything he
does. He was ever KICKED from Enorian for his nonsense, so I've been
told. He caused an uproar with a few other higher-ups that ended in

He is an irresponsible, gullible, corrupted man who lies to get what he

I know this for a -fact- because he lied to me to get my vote in the
Sentaari because he had told me that the Abbess at the time was giving
him her support in the race and no longer wanted to be Abbess. When I
discussed this with her after he had won the contest, I found out that
was -not- the case. It was, in fact, the exact opposite. She did -not-
support him in the least, she was very against him becoming Abbot.

From personal experience, I know his wife manipulates him to get her
way, as she has done with every man she's been with in every guild and
every city.

Now he wants to bring his dramatics and failures to Duiran?

I have held my tongue about all of his wrong-doings and mistakes, but
the simple -THOUGHT- of this man coming into Duiran, or ANY city, for
that matter, makes me sick to my stomach.

I am sure I am not the only one he has lied to, tricked, or used.

He does not know how to do anything for himself, and he uses lies and
manipulation to get what he wants. I mourn for the Sentaari, because
with him leading them, I see dark days ahead.

I implore to all of you to keep an eye on his every word and action if
he is in one of your organizations. DO NOT trust him, or his wife,
Kerryn. I say this with malice towards them in my heart, yes, but for
good reason. My experience with these two has given me these opinions
towards them, and they have never given me a reason not to feel this way
towards them.

I apologize for this rude-but-necessary post, but I'll not let him
destroy yet another thing I care about, or anything else.


Penned by my hand on the 5th of Lanosian, in the year 373 MA.