Public Service Announcement

Date: 9/20/2012 at 4:14
From: Chief Officer Lin al-Akir
To : Everyone
Subj: Public Service Announcement

I am Lin al-Akir, and it is my pleasure to announce the inception and
public emergence of the SYSSIN SYNDICATE.

As a familial business and officially recognized Spirean Guild, the
Syndicate was formed following major reform in the former Syssin
Defenders. In recognition of corruption, diminishment of spirit and
enthusiasm, and what was considered to be an "outmoded, spartan and
superstitious organizational structure," the newly christened Syndicate
represents a willingness to adapt to the modern world.

As we are beginning with a clean slate, I have the following additional
announcements to make. These are the important ones, so pay attention.

- You who have demonstrated cunning and guile and have acquired the
Syssin class beneath our notice may keep it as a gift. All current
rogues and illegal classholders will be entered as legal
apprenticeships in our official records.

- With a small number of exceptions, almost all guild enemy statuses
will be revoked.

This is not a trick, joke, or ruse. You will find the Syndicate to be a
pinnacle of professionalism. We cordially invite you to join and
discover what it means to be part of Sapience's oldest and greatest
enterprise. Contact a Syndicate member and enlist TODAY!

By the grace and fury of In honor of the men and women
the Spires, the Lion of of the Syssin Defenders and in
the Savage North respect to their legacy

- Lin Iro al-Akir
- Kirima Aoi
- Klonk Gnarlstone

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Haernos, in the year 371 MA.