Date: 6/29/2012 at 14:19
From: Archon of Strength, Sanctus Augustinus, Ruthless Executor
To : Omei, the Unfettered Nightmare
Subj: You

Dear Omei,

You seem to not understand what it means to be patron of a guild. The
only reason why you serve us, is because -we- need you to. If we could
do ourselves what only you can do, we would have a member of the guild
do it. That is, one who is part of the Sleuth.

We are not your pets.
We are not your soldiers.
You are not our patron for essence.
You have an order for that.
The Bahkatu is not an order.

So, when we ask to speak to you privately to help us with our guild, it
would be nice to have a response which patrons tend to supply. When we
ask you if you are busy on guild channel amongst other Sleuthmates, and
you reply "Busy WATCHING. What did you want?" It sets back our
motivation, honor and respect to even -have- a patron. We are actively
working to put our guild, our Sleuth, back on its feet. You are not very
active and we've barely seen you about since you've been our patron, and
you tell us "I want beasts. I want warriors. I want a Sleuth free of
INDULGENCE. But what I want? No, no, no, doesn't matter, only MORTALS
get what they want."??

You see, you have to understand that to us mortals, time is relatively
important to shape the realm and ourselves to what we want and need to
be. You are standing next to us and you ask us to mail it to you,
because you are "watching". Why do you patron something you care so
little for? You zap me for disrespect yet you disrespect an entire
guild. Who is to zap you?

I proudly wear your curse for defending what I felt was right, fighting
what I felt was wrong. You think this mortal fears death or a mere
nightmare? Let me remind you when we had our little feud and you trapped
me so I would stop killing your followers, I started necrosis, you
stopped it. I took out my rapier and started to slit my wrists and you
zapped me. In the end, it was you who apologized to me for your
"unreasonable aggression". I, a single lycanthrope, as you put it.
Remember, nightmare, what created us in the first place.

This is not of the Bahkatu, but my own thoughts and words. I would
appreciate if you ceased your abuse or let another divine help us with
what needs to be done. You are not our first patron, but you are the
first to start yelling at our members, putting them in an awkward
position with talk of your siblings, bringing silence to guild channels.

We are not your servants. We are not your soldiers. We are members of
our guild. If you want to forever enemy me from your order, go for it,
but do not blindly set your wrath upon our guild and its members. No one
deserves this.

Sanctus Augustinus

P.S. - I would also appreciate if you wouldn't call me "stupid man" on
guild channel, to then mock other members of the Sleuth for knowing less
than I of certain things. Age, as time, plays a certain role to us
mortals. Now, every time I speak on guild channel, I appear as "stupid
man" to my peers. Those feelings you have for me, keep them between us
and spare the others.

Penned by my hand on the 13th of Chakros, in the year 365 MA.