Date: 10/9/2012 at 12:24
From: Ceburi Solaria O'Lyryus
To : Everyone
Subj: Leaving

Hey guys,

For anyone who cares, I'm officially leaving all of the IRE games. It's
something I have to do for myself personally. If you need to get in
contact with me, I'm no longer using the majority of my messenger
services. However, you can reach me by the following:

Skype: Sol.Lunare
Google: zortania@gmail.com

Thanks to everyone who made my years of playing these games enjoyable.
Maybe I'll come back eventually, after a few years, but I don't see that

-Solaria, Zortania, Cordia

Penned by my hand on the 25th of Khepary, in the year 373 MA.