Kingston, Ontario

Date: 6/21/2009 at 14:53
From: Glitched Mage, Atraya Cardinalis
To : Everyone
Subj: Kingston, Ontario


First time I'm leaving my small lazy, boring, town to go out and meet
someone I played with! So, I'm offering anyone who feels like it to let
me know if they live near Kingston, Ontario. There is a 97% chance that
I'll be doing the 10hr drive up there on Tuesday 30th. I'm going to be
passing through Quebec though (saves 30 mins and well, I hate the
80km/hr limit) so through Ottawa and all. So anyway, if anyone wants to,
drop me a message!

Yarr Yarr!!

Hoping to see people!
Glitched Mage, Atraya Cardinalis
Sonya ^_^

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Midsummer, in the year 277 MA.