Events news posts from Aetolia

Events posts: 88-107:
1076/16/2009 at 12:50Act I: The Awakening.AnonymousEveryone
1066/14/2009 at 13:29The Prelude: Fall of KelsysAnonymousEveryone
1055/31/2009 at 22:57Shadows in EnorianAnonymousEveryone
1044/22/2009 at 16:28Negotiations and rebelsAnonymousEveryone
1031/5/2009 at 22:58A Celesmas with the TsinkinAnonymousEveryone
10212/21/2008 at 22:55Of a Shadow and a KnightAnonymousEveryone
10112/21/2008 at 22:39An Unraveling MysteryAnonymousEveryone
10010/12/2008 at 0:38A voice returns.AnonymousEveryone
9910/8/2008 at 23:50Earthquakes and argumentsAnonymousEveryone
9810/6/2008 at 23:19A whispering voiceAnonymousEveryone
979/19/2008 at 22:13A monastery's well-kept secretAnonymousEveryone
962/3/2008 at 19:13Hidden Within the DriftsAnonymousEveryone
951/16/2008 at 14:37Return of the ArtificerAnonymousEveryone
949/21/2007 at 22:52Emon, the traitor DruidAnonymousEveryone
932/28/2007 at 0:14The Imprisonment of LleisAnonymousEveryone
921/31/2007 at 16:46The Star-Bathed ChaliceAnonymousEveryone
917/11/2006 at 16:14The Second Totem WarAnonymousEveryone
907/11/2006 at 16:14Dreams Beyond DeathAnonymousEveryone
892/18/2006 at 15:48The death of WsalalyAnonymousEveryone
8812/12/2005 at 21:21The RememberersAnonymousEveryone