Earthquakes and arguments

Date: 10/8/2008 at 23:50
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Earthquakes and arguments

A low rumble was all that preceded the earthquake, but it was enough to
warn Teneric, the Bureaucrat. Taking immediate action he called out a
warning for everyone to get to safety. With a loud rumble he watched in
terror as the beautiful sanctuary of the Muse crumbled to the ground
before his eyes, trapping the Priestess of Iosyne underneath the rubble.

Crackling with energy a bright light hovered above the ruins for a
moment before shooting off towards Ashtan. Teneric watched it leave with
a frown before he went back to tend to the people of Delos.

Meanwhile the light struck down south of Ashtan close to the coastline,
its pulsating energies spreading a droning noise across the area. Kylan
and Vehalin managed to locate a dark fissure where the light kept
pulsating and humming. Something started mumbling from inside the light,
causing it to shift and vibrate even more and soon two voices could be
heard, arguing with each other.

'What are you doing? You are ruining My experiment!' one of the
individuals yelled at the other.

'Well, what did You expect? Me sitting idly by in Your not too pleasant
company? I think not.' The angry response clearly showed that the second
person was fully aware and didn't care.

The energy above the fissure pulsated as the first one retorted 'Do not
meddle with things You know nothing about, fool', only to get a
sarcastic reply from the other one.

The argument was cut short as the people inside the light tired of each
other's presence and the voices as well as the light faded, leaving
behind only the energies pulsating across the fissure in the ground.

Back in Delos, Teneric passed by the destroyed temple again, informing
the people watching the ruins of what had passed. Phoenecia, a follower
of the Muse, Hadoryu and Urial were told of Valai's death and after
gathering as much information as they could about the light that had
left towards Ashtan, they left the sight to find out more, while Teneric
returned to the people of Delos, mourning the loss of the Sanctuary and

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Ios, in the year 257 MA.