Hidden Within the Drifts

Date: 2/3/2008 at 19:13
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Hidden Within the Drifts

"My boy! Oh where is my precious boy?"

The shouts echoed from the desolate western tundra as Anana searched
desperately for her young child, gone missing in the overbearing
snowfall. Despite the confidence of Miortok, the leader of the Indyuk
hunters, several groups of adventurers sought him within the tundra and
offered to help in his search. Miortok was less than receptive to the
visitors, but could not stop them from following along. Eventually their
search led them to a large snowdrift that gave way under Miortok's
weight, and he fell into an ancient, abandoned containment laboratory.
Somehow, the child had encountered a similar situation, and was frozen
near death when found in the depths of the laboratory. Terrified and
upset, the boy clung to Miortok, who comforted him, and told him that he
would take him home. Many of the adventurers stayed to explore the ruins
of the containment lab, but Rilee decided to follow Miortok back to his

Miortok did not seem pleased that these adventurers had invited
themselves to his home, but while carrying the child on his back there
was little he could do to stop them. Resigned to being followed, he made
his way across the tundra to his home. Just as Miortok reached the
hidden entrance into the glacial village of Nuunva, Tito and Zenobia
caught up with them, and began following as well, expressing a worry
that Rilee might attempt to harm the village, despite her claim to only
be looking out for the child. Miortok took the child back to his mother,
Anana, and told the visitors that they would have to speak with Naartok
and introduce themselves before anyone else would talk to them.

Naartok explained to the visitors that Nuunva had long kept to itself,
and that the Indyuk were nothing if not uncomfortable with outsiders. He
also told them many stories about their beliefs and their history,
explaining their simple lives inside the glacier. While it seems that
the village has somewhat opened itself up to these few new visitors,
they are still wary of those unknown to them and will likely ask any new
faces to speak with Naartok before they will talk with them.

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Khepary, in the year 237 MA.