Return of the Artificer

Date: 1/16/2008 at 14:37
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Return of the Artificer

"Yes," Severn thought to Himself, sending an unnoticeable ripple of
power across the realm. "Now it is time."

The fabric of reality shuddered unbeknownst to mortals as the Artificer
reflected on the potential consequences of His intentions. The bright
sunlight that shone down upon the Itzatl Rainforest, penetrating its
lush canopies and providing the forest floor with life-giving warmth,
grew dim in response to the intrigue of Lord Severn's incomprehensible

Tlolteotl, Klaana, and many other prominent villagers of Saluria felt an
all too familiar anxiety grow in their hearts, and old memories of the
darkness still residing deep in the ruins east of their village aroused
concern. The eastern gate of Saluria felt like a precipice, and many of
the villagers worried just how close they were to falling into the evil
beyond. Little did the Salurians know that the Artificer had been
walking amongst them, and their anxiety was aroused in part by the
influence of His design.

The Artificer took care to plan each action with the utmost patience as
He projected forth in His divine imagination the many outcomes of His
reappearance to mortal perception. Shadows writhed in supplication below
the shrouded form of Severn as He stood before the eastern gate of
Saluria. The tall gate of heavy redwood loomed before Him in an almost
confident pose. Long ago the Gods decided to magically seal the eastern
gate so that the Salurians could live safely alongside the ruins of
Farsai and the evil presence of Ati that lurked there.

The Artificer glimpsed downward to His hand with a faint grin. He
enclosed his grasp, wrapping His Claws of Artifice and tendrils of
shadow around a ruby glowing with power. He knew precisely the manner in
which the gate could be opened and exactly where to find a servant of
Honor. As Severn left the village the shadows about Him dissipated. The
glint of metal and the sound of clanging armor accompanied His new
appearance as He began a journey toward Mostyn.

Brother Xulix Du'Lunai was within the scriptorium of Mostyn when a
beaten and tired paladin, by the name of Sir Robert Lyesmith, happened
upon him. The paladin indicated that he was in search of Lady Ecikoria
McCloud-Tenshou, the leader of Lord Arion's order. Xulix quickly
summoned Ecikoria to meet with the exhausted paladin who explained that,
in years past, Arion had tasked him with finding a particular gem in the
heart of a mountain, and upon acquiring it to return it to the order.
Lyesmith entrusted the ruby with Lady Ecikoria, thereafter taking his
leave for some much deserved rest.

Somewhat bewildered by the abrupt delivery of the gem, Lady Ecikoria
found that the ruby was much more than a common stone. She felt a
mysterious power within the gem drawing her toward the Itzatl
Rainforest, and once she and a party of trustworthy companions arrived
it drew them onward to the village of Saluria and its notorious eastern

Lady Ecikoria inspected the glowing ruby in her hands while pondering
what lied beyond the redwood gate. Sir Lyesmith's words regarding her
Lord's instructions whirled through her mind, and the same anxiety
experienced by the Salurians rebelled against her heart. She hesitated
while standing before the gate as the power of the ruby drew her closer,
and she consulted her fellows regarding the infamous history of the
forest beyond the gate. As the ruby's power seemed to grow stronger,
Ecikoria placed the gem into the gate.

The ruby instantly reacted with its use by an individual of Honor and
with the magic spun by the divine to seal the gate ages past. The
redwood gate that had sealed off the eastern rainforest slowly dissolved
into shadows, and the Artificer appeared standing behind the curious

Not surprised with the outcome of His own plans, Lord Severn explained
the consequence of Lady Ecikoria's actions. The gate's magic could only
be broken with the help of a servant of Arion. Now the eastern
rainforest and the Ruins of Farsai lie waiting for the adventurers of

Pleased with Himself, Severn thanked the followers of Honor for serving
as the means to His own ends. Now that the Lord of Artifice has returned
to mortal perception, He has taken yet another small step in His grand
scheme of reshaping Aetolia in His image.

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Haernos, in the year 235 MA.