Emon, the traitor Druid

Date: 9/21/2007 at 22:52
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Emon, the traitor Druid

A disgruntled druid, bored with the difficult life of the outdoors man,
bent and gnarled from years of hard labor, decided he would sell the
secrets of concoctions. With the gold he would flee his guildmates,
seeking a life of ease and simplicity on the beaches of a far off
island. The druid, known as Emon, left his forest home in search of a

Emon first encountered the troll Klonk, near Delos. Klonk, instantly
enticed by the prospect of learning the fabled skills, brought the druid
to the city of Spinesreach. Within the Winterbreeze Inn, they met with
Missari and several other Spinesreach citizens to haggle over the price
for the information. The discussion ensued and it was soon agreed that
Emon would teach Villi, to prove that he could. At that point, Sryaen
would pay him 1,250,000 gold for his trouble, after which Emon would
teach the remainder of them.

True to his word, though suspicious, Emon taught Concoctions to Villi
and immediately asked for his payment. Spinesreach swiftly withdrew the
offer and instead kidnapped Emon, threatening him with death unless he
would teach the rest of them. Emon refused, shouting for others to aid
him. Many brave souls rallied to his aid, but the vicious defenders of
Spinesreach easily repulsed their feeble assaults. Disgusted with the
Spinesreach reversal, Emon continued to raise his price in spite of many
threats to end his life. Amused, Missari and Villi decided to
demonstrate that they do not give idle threats and brutally ended the
life of Emon.

However, the flood gates had been opened and the secrets of Concoctions
released. Brunneng, followed by many others, began to share the
knowledge of Concoctions with everyone in the land.

Penned by my hand on the 10th of Lanosian, in the year 226 MA.