Freedom in Blood

Date: 6/7/2017 at 1:10
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Freedom in Blood

Long after He tore apart Ati, the Shadow and consumed Its very essence, Abhorash, Primus of the Consanguine reclaimed His throne within Bloodloch and reinstated His will over the Consanguine Dominion.

For over a decade He governed, ruling through fear and an iron fist. Yet, as time continued to turn, the Primus began to belittle and criticize the bloodlines beneath Him. As each year passed, He continued to sow His discontent amidst the vampires and began neglecting His duties to the very race and city He lead.

He was weakening. As He had done to Ati, the essence within Him had begun to consume Him from within.

Desperate to ensure the preservation of His species, the Primus continued to push His brethren away in attempt to both shield them and free Himself to search for a solution to unify the very blood that was being ripped apart.

For years, He found nothing, His connection to His bloodlines resolute and unbreakable. Yet, in the year 466 MA, He received a letter from a peculiar Rajamalan that called himself Datlotl, the Conclavist.

Within his words, the Conclavist promised to make Abhorash whole. He promised to make him as powerful as the Ankyrean race and to strengthen His will over His subjects so that they would obey Him without question.

There, in His hands, a solution was presented. However, it had taken too long. Too long had He neglected Bloodloch and the need of its citizens. Too long had He neglected His bloodlines.

As quiet as a mouse, whispers of a revolution began and they were further fueled by the mad ramblings of Datlotl who approached the Consanguine in search of the Primus Himself. Yet, finding only His childer, the Conclavist offered to test his theory on them instead and found himself quickly at risk of either abduction or death.

Until he was placed under the protection of the Primus.

Continuing to withhold information from His blood, the Primus further isolated Himself from the Consanguine and with it, fed the revolution. Refusing to become mindless slaves, the group amassed a large number of both vampires and citizens of Bloodloch to decide on the best course of action to overthrow the Primus, without inadvertently destroying themselves.

Yet, as the revolution grew, so did a group of loyalists who placed their unwavering faith in their Primus. For weeks, the two factions warred to try and sway the final decision in their favor. Until a messenger was revealed to be carrying the blood of the Primus to Datlotl.

Chaos broke out as the two factions clambered to get the phial of blood in an effort to ensure it served their purpose. The revolution; to destroy Abhorash. The loyalists; to get it to Datlotl.

With the death of the messenger, the phial landed in the hands of the loyalists who were hunted by not only the revolutionaries, but Enorian and Duiran as well. However, their efforts were for naught as the phial made its way safely into the hands of Datlotl.

Beginning his experiments with the smallest drop of blood, the Rajamalan watched in glee as the entire Consanguine race was forced to kneel before him. Fear spread through the vampires as the very fluid within their veins began to warm and glow, as if it began to reject them and morph into the will of the Primus.

Before making His next move, the Primus invited Zenobia Bouchard before Him. Together, they struck a deal - Bouchard would forgo the revolution and, in return, Abhorash declared them an official vampire house of the Consanguine Dominion.

With the success of the first experiment, the Primus gathered His court and began to make the journey to Datlotl's caravan. The revolutionaries, seeing no alternative, joined the procession to defend their Primus, choosing what they saw as slavery over the death of their entire kind. Protected by both loyalists and the defeated revolutionists, Abhorash arrived in Datlotl's caravan to meet the mad scientist in person.

Weeping and jumping for joy, the Conclavist could barely contain his excitement and began poking needles into the Primus to hook him up to a strange, whirring device he had constructed.

Blood began to circulate between the Primus and the device and, in response, vampires began falling to their knees in excruciating pain. One by one, they became severed from the Primus as His blood was altered and as the last of it returned to His body, He rose and presented His final gift to His children.


Penned by my hand on Closday, the 15th of Midsummer, in the year 466 MA.