The Fabricator's Emergence

Date: 7/9/2014 at 5:00
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Fabricator's Emergence

In a fit of sudden inspiration, Slyphe the Maelstrom approached the Beast Queen Omei some months ago to beg a favor: to visit the memories and dreams of the lost Kelki of Kelsys. This request was met with obvious reluctance from Omei, but ultimately with explicit warnings of the dangers of such an endeavor She obliged.

Once inside, Slyphe, Omei, and a smattering of His and Her followers were welcomed by a series of mechanical wonders that occupied the Kelki dreams. Infatuated by what He saw, Slyphe pushed onward to see more despite Omei's relentless warnings, which ultimately proved to be His downfall. A tall wall-like contraption burst forward towards the Maelstrom as He realized the inevitable, and He was consumed by it. Realizing He could not be saved, but the mortals and Herself could be, Omei rescued those assembled and escaped from the collapsing dream world where Slyphe was trapped within.

A handful of months passed by with His Order members receiving only fleeting visions of mechanical aberrations and bizarre images that insinuated He had survived the encounter, but was unable to escape from the dream world's confines. This continued until the residents of Mournhold reported seeing clockwork machinations rippling in and out of sight within their town, terrorizing most and rendering them unable to go about their daily lives for fear of attack.

Omei, sensing this, gathered up both Her Order and Slyphe's to begin a relentless pursuit within the town. Once inside they were alerted to sections of the town that had begun to bear witness to an overlap of sorts between the waking world and that of the dreamscape. The Beast Queen ripped a hole in reality to allow the assembled group to venture forward and into the dream world, which turned out to be quite the nightmare.

Once inside, the assembled group was greeted by an army of the towering clockwork machinations the inhabitants of Mournhold spoke of. These machinations set their sights on the group of adventurers and attacked immediately, but were ultimately defeated by their combined strength. Once all were defeated, the overlap that had plagued the land receded away leaving the air around it normal once more. This process was repeated for the remaining places that had seen the effects of the nightmare's touch, the Maelstrom's presence growing louder and more pronounced with each space defeated and returned to normalcy.

Upon reaching the last plot and vanquishing the seemingly endless barrage of machinations within, a final hole was ripped in reality - but this one was not made by the hand of the Beast Queen. No, it was none other than Slyphe, this time, who emerged from within in an enormous gout of steam.

He explained to those present, whom included many of His Divine Siblings, the troubles that He had encountered within, but also the inspiration He had faced within the nightmare. According to Him, the dreams of the Kelki detailed unrivaled technological pursuits, and a sense of pride held for each and every creation assembled regardless of size or significance.

Resolved to utilize this experience as a tool to learn from, Slyphe pushed forward, not after dubbing Himself instead the Fabricator and promising His that change would abound for those that follow Him.

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Chakros, in the year 424 MA.