Madness of the Tome

Date: 5/13/2014 at 1:25
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Madness of the Tome

Not many months ago, the existence of the Muse's Tome came to the
comprehension of the Goddess Iosyne. In another lifetime, She had been
its keeper, though in Her rebirthed form it was a memory vanquished from
Her knowledge.

It was a troubling notion to the Goddess, who had spent many of Her
recent years tracking down pieces of Herself that had been pilfered by
Her Divine Siblings. Iosyne was forced to confront the notion that the
Tome was not only severed from Her awareness, but completely absent from
Her memories.

The book had been carried, from Her Sister (and oft-rival) Omei, into
the hands of mortals, and finally into the possession of the Underking
Himself, whom Iosyne would not cross. Seeking instead to appeal to His
sense of justice, the Malevolent entered into His domain... only to find
the Tome waiting for Her there, unguarded.

Upon taking up the Tome into Her hands, Iosyne was compelled to bring it
to the old, derelict temple She would have once called Hers. Setting
fire to the enchanted brush closing it off to outside access, She
entered with a curious troop of mortal onlookers following.

To read or not to read? The Goddess toyed with Her options, as the
commentary of Her companions reached a din She eventually could not
ignore. Angrily declaring the Muse and Her influence dead, the
Malevolent knelt, whispering something in the chittering Chiav tongue to
the earth.

The ground thereby erupted, disturbing the idyllic temple environs into
a warped edition of itself. Trees were replaced by strange red stalks,
tumors burst from the soil, and the air was filled with a crimson mist
all too familiar to Her loyal agents.

But the Goddess did not relish in Her work for very long. Her attention
was again drawn to the book in Her possession, and the answers it
promised Her ultimately were too great a draw to ignore. Iosyne flipped
to an open page, and Her countenance froze as the Tome granted Her what
She sought.

The Tome remembered Her, and it told Her that the last time She had
gazed upon its pages, She had been driven to a madness so complete that
its sole escape was destruction. The complete and total madness of the
Muse had not only been Her undoing, but by its very nature had formed a
significant gap in the memories of the Goddess.

This insight caused Iosyne cast the book away, unwilling to test its
properties further. The Goddess retreated to Her Lair, with a promise to
return to it soon in order to give the Muse a final, exuberant send-off.

The funeral is to be held on the 1st of Ios, 420.

Penned by my hand on the 15th of Niuran, in the year 419 MA.