On Oneiromancy, and a Boy's Godhood

Date: 5/6/2014 at 17:21
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: On Oneiromancy, and a Boy's Godhood

The mysterious glowing cat appeared in Duiran recently, interrupting the Lord Haern as He gave audience to the Councilors. Though unfamiliar with the creature at first, Haern seemed to realize her identity the moment He touched her, and informed her that it wasn't yet her time.

Meanwhile, believing himself to have heard the voice of Omei, the missing Artist, Cannan Flyer was lured to the region of Tecpatl's Cradle. Once known as the Garden of Dreams, the Cradle had recently spilled into the Prime Material Plane, warping the surrounding territory of the Goddess' Monolith.

Escorted by Moirean Seirath, Ser Toz, and an inquisitive Shaman named Clovis, the group climbed the gravity-defying superstructure of the Cradle. During the journey, ornate runes of light appeared over the heads of everyone but Cannan. A loud but muffled voice informed all, in a formal cadence, that a sacrificial ceremony was now underway. Cannan and his gathering reached the Cradle's lofty courtyard, only to find themselves beaten to the top by the people of Duiran, intent on stopping the proceedings, all with white runes on their brows.

Sir Hesher, priest of Omei, took up sentry before the Cradle's great limestone tower, and confirmed that a sacrifice was to take place, crying out exultantly for the return of his Lady. The glowing cat took her place at the other side of the door and, apparently able to speak in the realm of dreams, murmured fearfully, rebuking the ceremony.

The tower's door opened and spilled forth intense light. The adventurers found themselves at the peak of the building, a strange place under a too-large moon. Cannan was then invited by that same spectral voice to play the Moonlight Calliope, the immense steam instrument on the rooftop.

Cannan's first clumsy notes produced detonating whistles, and nearly deafened the entire realm of Creation. Warming up, he began to play with confidence, and as the music carried on, the essence of a Goddess streamed into his body.

Infused with Omei's energy, Cannan became a God for minutes. Urged by Omei, He turned His eyes on those wearing the runes of light, and incinerated them with little more than a thought. Each expenditure of power began to tear apart His mortal frame, and sensing His end, He turned into a black wind to avoid death, to no avail.

Cannan was ripped to shreds, the Godhood jerked violently from his body. In the aftermath, the survivors found themselves in the courtyard of Tecpatl's Cradle, their surroundings as ancient and empty as they were before.

Omei's whereabouts are currently unknown.

Penned by my hand on the 13th of Arios, in the year 419 MA.