The Blight of Dendara

Date: 3/5/2014 at 16:42
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Blight of Dendara

A fetid blight from a bygone age, dark and fueled by the nightmares of a
mad god, has taken hold of the community of Evlasu. Once a jewel in the
depths of the woodlands, Evlasu was home to many of Duiran's folk that
sought to make a living beyond the confines of the Great Oak's borders.
Now, the way is blocked by a foul miasma and hulking aberrations move in
the shadows as the forest slowly dies with their passage. An intrepid
group of adventurers from the guilds of Duiran; a shaman named Leilari,
a monk known as Ta'loro, a satyr scout named Tiktarn and a young Ranger
named Talissa under the tutelage of the Sentinels ventured forth from
the Ivory Bough in good spirits, plunging headlong into the miasma and
evading the patrolling aberrations in hopes of setting up a base of
operations. It is unknown as to their fate as of yet, but with spirits
high they can only come out victorious.

As Evlasu twists in agony upon Sapience, the whole of Dendara shudders
and quakes in the grasp of an unending fever dream. Ancient, war-like
clans of the Kindred gather for battle and the Rangers have departed
their woodland posts to oversee the impending war upon Prophet's Hollow.
As war comes to scour the lands of Sapience, a timeless war rages in the
primordial demesne of Dendara.

Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Chakros, in the year 414 MA.