Corruption of the Slyphian Grotto

Date: 2/27/2014 at 9:54
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Corruption of the Slyphian Grotto

Things came to a head between the Dark Lady and the Maelstrom on the 22nd of Niuran, 413 MA as the Cult of Chakrasul, led by Ashmer Ras'valyra and Tina Cardinalis, marched to glorious purpose, storming the hallowed grounds of the Slyphian Grotto in a bid to seize
the Temple for their Mistress.

Incensed by the incursion upon His domain, Slyphe demanded for a duel above the Grotto, which Chakrasul gladly acquiesced to. Armed with Her whip, She met the Maelstrom and His scimitar in a head-to-head clash. For a long moment, neither Divine had the upper hand, until a swift movement which caught Slyphe off-guard. Slipping Her obsidian-spiked whip about His throat, the Maelstrom attempted to throw the Goddess of Corruption off His back by falling back to the contested territory below.

Fierce was the fight between Their mortal followers as well, as blood ran freely into the cool waters of the Grotto. Emerging victorious, the followers of Chakrasul proceeded with their task of tainting the Temple. As the innocuous pebble in Tina's hand was dropped into the waters of each location, it called forth mutated sea creatures that assisted in the spread of corruption. Their concentration was only broken briefly when a sudden, feminine shriek of agony echoed within the surroundings.

"I told you that you would suffer the consequences of your actions, Sister," came Slyphe's sonorous voice.

"It is not over," came the low, sultry tones of Chakrasul, "My victory is at hand. Vengeance will be Mine."

Dripping blood, with a hand over the stab wound to Her midsection, the Goddess of Corruption appeared before Her faithful. The palpable aura of power spread through the location as the sandy foundations of the Grotto eventually gave way, forming a large whirlpool that converged upon the center of a crystal-crowned grotto.

Re-christened as the Spiral of the Corrupt, the tainted waters now teem with numerous, warped versions of sharks, eels, jellyfishes, swordfishes and octopuses that have emerged from its depths.

Be warned however, Sapients. To those who would seek to cleanse the Spiral of its taint, the creatures of these depths are not so easily defeated.

Will you emerge victorious or will you fall to their embrace?

Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Slyphian, in the year 413 MA.