The Return of the Rangers

Date: 12/11/2013 at 6:58
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Return of the Rangers

In the sweltering early days of Lleian, the Rangers of the Sentinels
arrived on the edge of the Heartwood in a veritable throng. Lingering
for years at a time in the wilds, the Rangers had little communication
with their fellows and now came seeking answers (and, more importantly,
their leader Huntmaster Giskard) that had long been met with silence.

Led by Tomor, a taciturn satyr elder, the Rangers beseeched the
Sentinels to lead them to the Huntmaster but were met with ill-fated
news; he had gone missing in one of the aberration attacks and they had
not seen him since. After a great deal of introductions and awaiting
more of their brethren, the Rangers entered the Sentinel halls with the
hope of calling upon the ancestors for guidance once again.

With assistance from the Prideleader and his kindred, the Rangers'
hallowed prayers were answered by a spectral creature from a bygone age;
an ancestor of the Pride stood before them, his tattered figure
shattered and broken. The ancestors of the Pride, guiding figures and
harrowing spectres, were under attack. Given no respite in life or
death, the ancestors were now being consumed in the great darkness that
was threatening to erupt from the fetid Prophet's Hollow that lie deep
within Dendara.

The Sentinels of Duiran offered themselves up to the ancestors, boasting
of their strength and their loyalty that would never falter; but, the
ancestor turned a deaf ear to them. Such promises had been made in the
past, but now it would mean little to the primordial revenant. Tomor
stepped forward, offering recourse; the ways of the ancestors would not
be forgotten and cast aside, but now the Rangers would teach them all
that they had learned in their time in the wilds.

With uplifted spirits, the Sentinels rallied around the Rangers and
swore that they would train to defeat the monstrosities. It is unknown
how this faction of men and women shall find their place amongst their
brethren once again, but the young can at times teach the old.

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Lleian, in the year 407 MA.