Spirean Uproar

Date: 9/21/2013 at 2:59
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Spirean Uproar

While the Republic has lived on strong since its inception by Luna
Olahri and her first Secretariat, it appears that not everyone has
served it proudly.

It began with the instigators, utilizing nothing more than their soapbox
and charisma. Shouting slogans and improvised rants at the top of their
lungs, it did not take long before countless Spireans were caught in
their spell, determined to seek change in their state's political
regime. The common thread: the return of the Conclaves! Honor brought
back to the Gods! Attempts to reason with the unruly mobs or point out
simple known facts of history were met with ignorance in the best case
scenarios, and violent reprisal in the worst.

The riot broke out almost instantly, following attempts to quell the
demonstrations. Spirean markets were flooded with enraged citizens, who
set fire to the storefronts.

Under orders from Chairwoman Moirean, Private Thuneron led an
investigation into the unrest. Many citizens and the loudmouthed
demonstrators who incited them were detained in the jail quarter of the
Ironmaw Prison Complex. Those initial agitators from the early days of
the riot were brought to public interrogation, but proved tight-lipped
until Eleanor Junakutz-Lionheart's subtle, sadistic threats loosened
everyone's tongues.

While many of the detainees proved useless, hints were dropped as to the
nature of the event: many citizens reported being contacted by a man
named Vex, plied with money and asked to spread questions and rumors
about the government. Through miscommunication or just stupid hope, Vex
had earned a notorious figure amongst the mobs. On more than one
occasion, they were heard promoting this man for Ard-Dhasani of a new
Spirean order.

The last man questioned, an Attican mason named Moaz, spoke openly and
in great detail about the plot, naming a group called the Conclave of
Justice as the backers of the entire event - a slip of the tongue from
yet another detainee named a Dhasan Schull as one of its ringleaders.

Just as Chairwoman Moirean ordered the detainees to be freed, Moaz
turned on Thuneron and took him hostage. Syndicate Agent Ferrik abducted
Thuneron to safety, leaving the mason open to be non-lethally dispatched
by Zaephlyn Chaltier and Illinian Torinaiden. Moaz was swiftly jailed.
Thuneron, promoted to Captain of the Guard, mobilized his underlings and
detained every rioter in the city, charging them with bedlam.

The next month was filled with revelations: Moaz was Vex! And Vex was no
mastermind, but merely another tool to be used by the Conclave of
Justice in their ham-handed efforts to dislodge the city's security.
Learning all she could learn, Moirean released Vex, but ordered Agent
Ferrik to follow him. Vex marched right up to the Chairwoman's office,
planted a bomb, and detonated it. Ferrik tried to throw himself at the
terrorist but was sadly unable to prevent him from blowing the chamber

The demolition did wonders to sober the attitudes of the Spirean
populace. Having lost her patience with the attempted uprising,
Chairwoman Moirean ordered that the instigators be executed, and the
detained citizens let go to return home.

In the aftermath of this troubling sociopolitial episode, the people of
Spinesreach find themselves with more questions than answers.

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Severin, in the year 401 MA.