The Shadowbound, part 1

Date: 7/2/2013 at 7:55
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Shadowbound, part 1

The Cadre mages of the Republic of Spinesreach were recently involved in
a rigorous training, overseen by the guild of Sciomancers, when they
were visited by the Goddess Iosyne in the guildhall's library. She
brought them a token offering, encouraging their deep dive into
unraveling the mysteries of the dark and dangerous Shadow plane. The
mages were taught a spell never spoken before by mortal tongue,
requiring the immense concentration of the entire group in order to pull

Demonstrating later to Shadow Warden Lyl and Shade Lord Cailas, the
group of Sciomancers-in-training attempted to recreate the spell in
front of their superiors - and despite the insistent warnings of
Nevithor, the Shadow Tutor. When the concentration of a few of them
wavered, the incantation failed, summoning a great singularity which
further summoned a horde of chaotic shadelings, and engulfed the entire
Spire in purple and black flames.

As the city and guild swiftly tended to the fire, Iosyne appeared,
curious on the progress of Her tutored ones. To Her each of the strange
shadelings flocked, and the spider-Goddess gathered each of them into
Her arms and devoured them swiftly. Lord Severn's appearance within the
guildhall was not long after, and the Manipulator's anger was enough to
cause several of the mages to faint in His presence.

The Minotaur God's scolding appeared to fall on uncaring ears, as the
Goddess seemed only pleased at His presence. Making Her promise that
this would be the last time She meddled with the Shadow plane, Severn
and Iosyne vanished through the rift together, to concentrate on
business away from mortal eye.

Some months later, the closest followers of the Goddess Iosyne were
struck simultaneously with illness, described as some churning feeling
in the pit of their being. Living and undead alike were affected by the
same malady, which progressed gradually for the worse as time went on.
Her closest were affected by disturbances in their vision, and plagued
by a sludge-like shadowy morass seeping from their pores.

Frantic summons of their Goddess were made, as the plague worsened, and
when their Goddess finally appeared before them, She was revealed to be
in a far worser, more advanced state than they. In clear agony, the
Malevolent's form began to chip and fall away before Her Order's very
eyes, before being consumed in an intense flash of bright white light.

The Divine Order of Iosyne were forced to endure this strange, unknown
plague, seemingly due to being linked to Her essence through a tattoo
inked on each of their necks. As they scrambled to find answers, the
Order and Congregants found themselves deeply disturbed by the
disappearance of their Goddess, and the omen it cast for their own

Penned by my hand on the 9th of Lanosian, in the year 394 MA.