Dhar's Vengeance

Date: 3/4/2013 at 0:35
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Dhar's Vengeance

In response to Chakrasul's return, Dhar sought out assistance from
mortals to engage in an assault against Chakrasul. The Underking found
Himself perplexed by the idea that His Sister was somehow intruding upon
His domain by amassing souls.

On the first on Severin, 385 MA, the assault began with the Lord of
Death gathering His following in Enorian and leading them to the
entrance of the Temple of Corruption. With a gesture of His hand, He
stripped away the sanctity of the Fortress of Despair and created a
magical pathway for His army to march across.

Before the invaders could enter, however, the Goddess of Corruption
Herself appeared and exchanged words with Dhar, implying that the very
reason She was able to harvest the souls was that the God of Death was
corrupt, and that nothing He could do would change that. The Underking,
unwilling to tolerate further insolence, impaled His Sister upon His
blade and used a great deal of energy to banish Her into the Abyss. The
act itself made Dhar unable to continue, having exhausted Himself of the
power required to maintain His presence in the living world.

The invaders continued onward, without the God of Death at their side,
burning everything they could find and banishing every corrupt soul and
agent of Corruption which challenged them. The battle raged on for a
whole day, the raiding force continuing onward with conviction despite
suffering heavy casualities.

The attack ended after the entire Temple was set ablaze and the
assaulting force laid waste to the Lady of Corruption's High Priest.
Chakrasul Herself returned from Her entrapment within the Abyss with a
powerful blast of energy, ejecting the warriors of Light out of the
Temple. The Goddess of Corruption warned the attackers of the dire
consequences they had brought upon themselves by participating.

Idar's former Fortress of Illumination continued to burn for several
days straight, the holy white flames reaching up into the horizon for
all to see; the blaze snuffed out only after an extraodinary effort by
Lady Chakrasul. Her followers continue to focus on rebuilding efforts.

Penned by my hand on the 4th of Severin, in the year 385 MA.