The Return of Corruption

Date: 2/26/2013 at 11:53
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Return of Corruption

The Goddess of Corruption, vacant to Her followers, reemerged in a
violent clash within the Dun Fortress. With the help of a turned
priestess, the Lady of Corruption was able to exploit the weaknesses in
compassion and infiltrate Enorian, forcing the hands of the Beacon into
fulfilling the whims of the Jade Lady.

The Goddess of Corruption had long ago secured the loyalty of a
priestess from Arurer Haven, controlling the priestess as Her own, with
whispers of power and glory. The priestess travelled to Enorian, the
morals held within the city walls made it the perfect target.

Once within Enorian, the priestess informed the citizens there of the
remaining refugees from the Dun Fortress, those scattered within the
surrounding mountains and jungles. Those of the light worked diligently
in scouring the jungle, finding a handful of remaining refugees.
Meanwhile the priestess was able to slowly spread her influence among
the orcs and ogres, one by one as they were brought to her, Enorian
playing directly into the hands of Chakrasul.

Finally the time had come, the refugees were fully under the priestess'
control, only speaking when forced to do so, only moving when allowed
to. The priestess convinced Daingean and the group assembled that the
refugees would enter the fortress first, then secure the entrance for
his warriors. The Beacon of Light gathered their forces and led the
priestess and her minions to the fortress. With a blind charge, the
priestess threw herself and those that followed her into the hands of an
awaiting Tolonar and Nazedha forces.

With the sounds of slaughter echoing from the Fortress, the priestess
opened the gate, allowing the forces of Light to face Tolonar. After a
lengthy battle Tolonar lay slain on the ground, along with the priestess
and orcs. Out from the bloody mist emerged Chakrasul herself, applauding
the Enorianites for doing the work for Her. Their dedication to the weak
and fallen had been exploited, their eyes blinded to the corruption that
had emerged in front of their eyes.

What will come of the vague musings of an army of the corrupt, and what
vengeance will the City of Light bring upon those who betrayed them?

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Lleian, in the year 384 MA.