The Primus Returns

Date: 2/22/2013 at 3:38
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Primus Returns

The 383rd year of the Midnight Age saw the return of the Consanguine
Primus, his rest disturbed by the petty squabbling of the Houses and the
utter disregard for the Gift he had bestowed upon them all. His anger
was immense, specifically towards House Lunare for their rampant
assimilation of those living who stood in direct opposition of the very
basis of the Vampire race. Many Consanguine heeded the call of their
progenitor and came to bear witness to his will. Macavity was the first
to witness the might of Abhorash; his husk sundered by a mere thought
from the Primus.

However, Abhorash quickly made it known that it was not simply Lunare
alone that had earned his ire. In no uncertain terms he was quick to
point out the faults of the entire race, instantly starting the process
of correcting the errors of their way. His first action was the final
dissolution of the ill-ran Imperium, citing it as an utterly flawed
system that pitted House against House in an attempt for one to try and
exert control over the others.

With the Imperium no more, the Primus spoke of a Grand Dominion that
would soon arise to bind the Blood together in perfect unity and uplift
them to the their former dominance. Alas, the Houses would not so easily
be forgiven or rewarded with this new Dominion. Four was the number
given to the collected Consanguine, four Houses from the seven that yet
stood and never again would their rise any to stand beside them.
Naturally such a proclamation was met with mixed results; many felt
their place above the purge was cemented, while others quickly felt the
weight of Abhorash's displeasure.

As the Houses scurry about purging the living from their ranks and
jockeying for position amongst the top, the Primus left them with a
magnanimous proclamation; of the Four that survive, new Bloodlines will
be raised. Who would seek the Blood of the Primus, Emperor or Empress of
the Blood for an eternity? Only time will tell.

Penned by my hand on the 18th of Arios, in the year 384 MA.