The Return of Pure Corruption

Date: 2/3/2012 at 3:20
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Return of Pure Corruption

Not long after Her return to mortal view, Ysmali, the Sanguine, began
wrestling with a difficult affliction. Having stolen into the Ultraist's
realm of knowledge and stolen information regarding the history of the
Atabahi, the encounter left Her split essences wrestling for control.

Severe blackouts plagued Her whereupon the essence of Chakrasul, the
Goddess of Corruption, would take dominance for a time, screaming of the
Sanguine's imminent demise and calling for Her order members to follow
Her at the end. Other times it was Khepri, the Trickster, Who took
control, frantic about a plot against Her. All the while the Sanguine
struggled with mysterious urges, ordering Her followers to gather gems
and metals to build a cage infused with Ylem.

Desperate for a cure for the ailing Goddess, they beseeched Niuri for
Her assistance. Despite the Sanguine's trespass and theft, She agreed to
assist once certain demands were met. As Ysmali's health continued to
decline, Her Chosen raced to complete the tasks required of them.

Finally the tasks were complete, and the Ultraist stepped in to make
good on Her promise. Delivering an ancient tome of pure knowledge from
Her realm to Ysmali, the Goddess and mortals alike stood back to watch
as the Sanguine approached the dais to read.

"THE ANSWER!" the Goddess screamed, though in pain or ecstasy no one
knew, as a bright light flashed and Ysmali exploded. Leaping out from
the chaos came a monstrous beast, the remnants of Khepri's essence.
Grotesque and twisted, there was not even enough of the former Goddess
left to become more than a crazed animal. The group backed it into the
cage, revealing Chakrasul's plot against Khepri.

Once safe from the beast, a jade ball of light, recognized as the
essence of Lady Chakrasul, rose from the ground. Struggling with
incorporeality, the essence entered first Aisling Aquila, then Victoria
Bahir'an, and finally Suyai Nebre'seir, using each as a temporary vessel
until their form could no longer hold Her in an effort to get out Her
instructions to find Her a vessel before She departed.

After searching for several months, Lady Chakrasul led them to Djeir to
meet with the Empress Irijali. Intensely curious about the essence,
Irijali touched it, gaining the Goddess' approval and became Her
unwilling vessel, returning the Goddess of Corruption to Sapience.

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Lleian, in the year 353 MA.