An alliance for ore, and an engagement!

Date: 1/29/2011 at 7:52
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: An alliance for ore, and an engagement!

Spinesreach was paid a visit recently by none other than Tuiln, leader
of the Ashtanti Resistance who now finds a home in the Port City of
Delve. He came seeking the aide of those who had taken part in the war
with the Dreikathi for a diplomatic mission of sorts. In particular he
was searching for one Villi Selannor, of all people. It was to her,
Nahasa Ryokus, and Kerryn and Sryaen Cardinalis that the rugged freedom
fighter beseeched for aid on behalf of Delve's council.

The people of Delve had recently located a long lost mining outpost in
the mountains near the Dramedo Crags, known as the Helban Settlement.
The residents of Mount Helba were a group of Golban miners who had long
worked the earth there to produce vast amounts of ore. It was the ore
that drew the attention of the members of Delve's ruling council. Yet
the hardened miners would not allow any trade caravans to enter their
home for fear that Dreikathi scouts would learn the location of the
settlement. The Helban's were unimpressed with the folk of Delve, and
not open to any negotiations.

The council, knowing the exploits of the more prominent people of
Sapience, decided it would be best if they sent a familiar face to seek
help in this endeavor. Thus did Tuiln find his way to Spinesreach, and
recruit the help of a few of its citizens. Villi, Nahasa, Kerryn, and
Sryaen set off quickly for the portal leading to Albedos, and once there
made haste to cross the Dramedo Crags. After a brief discussion with
those guarding the way into the settlement, they ventured forth to meet
with the Helban Chief, Muulin.

There was much debate back and forth between the party from Sapience and
the elder Golban. He was at first stubborn to accept the words of these
outsiders, but with some rather strong statements from all four, finally
reached an agreement. Spinesreach would send soldiers to help train the
Helban settlers do defend themselves, as well as aid in protecting their
homes, and in return Chief Muulin would send ore shipments to
Spinesreach in payment for the help, as well as allowing Delve access to
the much needed ore.

As the party made to depart with the good news on hand, Chief Muulin
made an awkward request. He was oddly taken by a member of the party,
Villi, and expressed his desire to have her as his newest wife. He even
offered to double the ore shipments in exchange for her hand. This was
too good of a deal for Dhasan Sryaen to pass up, so he happily agreed to
the offer on Villi's behalf, and so Imp and Golban were formally
engaged. What is to become of such a union has yet to be determined, but
one would hope it would prove most beneficial to Spinesreach, the Helban
Settlement... and of course to Villi as well.

Penned by my hand on the 18th of Ios, in the year 324 MA.