Sibling rivalry

Date: 4/23/2010 at 20:38
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Sibling rivalry

With Her Brother's words echoing through Her mind, the Muse sat within
Her sanctuary, pondering the marching armies of the invaders and their
caravans, watching people fall time and time again to their strength.
Overhearing mortals whisper of futility and disinterest, She decided the
time had come for something to be done.

Was She not able to motivate Her followers and strengthen them? Surely
Her Brothers and Sisters could do the same and together they would be
able to find a solution or strength enough to break through the walls.
If only all were present and willing. The crease between Her brows
deepened as She considered the Nightmare and Her apparent animosity. It
would not be an easy task to persuade this Sister to step out of Her
hiding place.


After approaching Llok, as one of Her Sister's trusted followers, Iosyne
managed to get word to Omei about the necessity to speak. She asked
Valkalkas to gather members of other Orders as a safeguard, should Omei
not trust Her words about the invaders. Together with Llok, Yos, Caed
and Mosvor, She went to the glade with the Nightmare's lake and others
joined in as She raised Her voice to call on Her Sister.

The Nightmare was reluctant to show Herself, calling the Muse a liar and
a deceiver, yet the Muse persisted and Omei struck out from the lake
with some spindly tentacles, missing the Muse with mere inches. 'Stop
this nonsense.' called Iosyne to Her Sister and asked Her to listen to
the others present. But Llok confirmation only lead to the Nightmare
claiming more lies and slowly, the Goddess drew Herself out of the lake,
snarling at Her Sister. "My Sister, I have returned to end You."

Blackened shadows swept towards the Muse, as Omei opened Her mouth in a
screech that made some knees buckle. Iosyne stumbled backwards and
barely managed to ward off the smoke-like tendrils. Turning instead to a
more physical approach, Nightmare now lunged headfirst at Her Sister,
but Iosyne easily stepped aside and aimed forceful kick at Omei, sending
the other Goddess straight into the trees. Splinters flew through the
glade as the Muse regained Her balance. However,as soon as Her foot set
down in the water the shadows from within it came to life, dragging Her
quickly under the surface.

For a while everything was silent before some of the mortals began to
search for the Muse. At the same time, Omei broke free from the debris,
snarling a vicious "You thought You could best Me, Sister?" at the lake.

People returned to the shore as She looked around Herself, exclaiming
with annoyance, "Lies, lies, LIES. This realm looks fine. If this
'threat' My Sister spoke of was real, there would be nothing but

"You may have to give them a month or two, M'lady. They simply taunt us
with their force." said Yos, and Edhain advised the Goddess to turn Her
attention towards Ashtan.

This seemed inadequate to the Goddess, who said She would go take a look
for Herself, and should the story not be true, She would wreck havoc
among those who had believed in Her Sister's lies. Without any
reassuring words to Iosyne's followers, who asked what had happened to
their Lady, She departed.

At this time, the lake erupted as the Muse emerged from the water,
furious and without an ounce of patience left in Her, yelling a sharp
'Enough!' The Nightmare returned to the shoreline, watching Her Sister
exit the water with the words, 'Can You see now that I did not speak a

Knowing She could not deny this fact, Omei conceded. "This troubles Me.
I know not the strength of these invaders. And if they can destroy a
city, they may have the strength to destroy You. I refuse to let a group
of trespassing pissants beat Me to Your demise."

Iosyne waved off the remark. "At least You are here to ponder things
that are more important than your own hurt feelings." Thanking Llok for
his aide, the Muse turned to leave, allowing Omei to ponder Her
new-found knowledge.

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Haernos, in the year 301 MA.