The Invaders from the East

Date: 2/1/2010 at 5:48
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Invaders from the East

On the eastern horizon of Sapience, out across the vast ocean waters
there appeared in the sky, a faint glimmer of dark blots. As time went
by, a myriad of onlookers gathered on the outskirts of Delos to look
eastwards with questions amassed. Just what were these shapes? To say
that an air of apprehension was predominate would be an understatement,
many of those gathered were long use to being cautious of anything such
as this. Their caution would not be unwise, in fact, they had much to be
weary of yet they knew not at the time.

As the shapes drew closer, it soon became clear that there were indeed a
trio of objects, slowly taking the form of what could only be called
airships. For as they drew near they were apparently large hulks that
effortlessly flew through the skies above. They seemed to be making
straight for Delos, and the apprehension of those gathered merely
increased tenfold, for they had no way of knowing if they would be met
with friends or foes. When the great ships finally halted above them,
their questions in that aspect were answered, and answered firmly.

The largest of the ships, on reaching the sky above Delos, immediately
dropped long cables from its deck, to which a flood of alien creatures
streamed down into the midst of the onlookers. Caught off guard by the
abruptness of the assault, those gathered were quickly overwhelmed and
dispatched, the battle quick and fierce. It was then that the airships
began to brand apart, the lead ship slowly making its way to west of
Sapience, while its two companions began to turn northwards.

As they flew over the Ithmia they split away again, one heading into the
Eastern Ithmia, towards the Heartwood while the other crossed into the
Dry Plains, angling for the City of Spinesreach. Residents and
non-citizens alike rushed to both locations, fearing the worst, and as
before they would not be wrong in their fears. It was Spinesreach that
was struck first, as the ship headed there settled atop the citys
Institute, its hull sprouted openings, to which pulsing orbs of energy
poured forth. The bombs, for indeed there was no doubt of this, slammed
into various places of the city, detonating with concussive force and
wreaking havoc on those within its walls.

As the destruction was visited upon the northern city, so to was it
brought to the Heartwood. The third ship positioned itself directly
above the Great Oak, and was soon to release its own bombardment.
Flaming death and destruction came upon the Great Oak and its
surroundings, slaying all within an instant and leaving the area nothing
more than a charred ruin of its former self. If the bombing was not
enough to drive the point home, the insertion of more of these foreign
beings into both the Heartwood and Spinesreach was. Fighting for their
lives and their homes, the citizens and allies of both valiantly fought
the invaders off.

With the destruction going on below, the two airships turned to the
southwest heading to link up with their lead ship on the western fringes
of Scidve. There they landed, and quickly began setting up a forward
base of operations, to which the denizens of Sapience were quick to
stumble upon. When they arrived they found a hastily assembled camp, and
an army of invaders waiting to greet them. Hostilities soon flared, and
fierce fighting went on for quite some time before finally, the leader
of these strange beings made his presence known.

Known only as the Polemarch Andalso this creature spoke only the little
known language of Herolian, yet to those who knew some of it, his
message was quite clear. Sapience was under the invasion of a massive
army from across the sea, their lands and their resources had been
claimed for their Autarch. This Andalso left one final warning,
surrender and be spared as slaves for the Grand Parade, or be crushed
beneath the boots of their indomitable might.

Despite the attempts at attacking their base, it seems quite clear that
the force will not be easily overcome, more so with the fact that not
long after setting up camp, one of the airships departed back from
whence it came, with the promise of more troops to come. The outlook
does not bode well, but only time will tell how the events will unfold.

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Khepary, in the year 295 MA.