Amal, Guardian of the Ankyrean

Date: 1/8/2010 at 8:54
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Amal, Guardian of the Ankyrean

In the frigid expanse of the Western Tundra, a group of Indyuk hunters
on the trail of a snow faex stumbled into the Ankyrean containment lab.
Once inside, they unknowingly triggered an explosive device left behind
long ago by the Order, which sent up a beacon seen all across Sapience.
A myriad of adventurers fell upon the lab, drawn by the explosion that
took place. Atrapoema, Zynti, Alaron, and Xavin, amongst others rushed
onto the scene, finding a hidden chamber leading into the bowels of the

Once inside, the collective group came across the bodies of the
unfortunate hunters, one barely hanging onto life just long enough to
explain their partys folly in causing the explosion. It was in this
chamber that the adventurers found a peculiar mechanism, to which
Atrapoema promptly activated, resulting in the release of a long
contained creature. This massive monstrosity of hashed together body
parts surprisingly posed no initial threat to the gathered adventurers,
and it even had a name.

The creature, which was quite clearly the result of an amalgamation of
various races, called itself Amal and claimed to be a guardian for its
masters, the Ankyrean Order. Seemingly childlike in mentality, this Amal
asked after the status of its creators, to which the group responded
that the Order was indeed, all but extinct, save for one survivor.
Attempting to lead the creature to Delos to see Qeddwyn resulted in Amal
running off instead to Spinesreach, where the simple-minded construct
hoped to find his makers.

Such was of course, not the case. Once inside the city it quickly became
apparent to Amal that Spinesreach was under the occupation of not the
Order, but what he considered as Rellyw. His mental faculties being
unable to process this sent him into a rage, slaying many of the citys
guards, and its citizens. Relentless was his ferocity, the likes of
which had never been seen from a mere mortal creature. The onslaught
seemed endless before finally Qeddwyn arrived to calm the savage beast.
As the last surviving Ankyrean, Qeddwyn was the only one able to order
Amal to stand down, which he did, much to the delight of the gathered

Qeddwyn attempted to soothe Amal, and related how the Order was no more,
and that he was all that remained. This was deeply unsettling to the
poor creature, yet Qeddwyn seemed to afford it some level of comfort. As
Qeddwyn tried to probe the creature for information, it was discerned
that Amal had been created for more than just a simple guard, it seemed
he had been made to defend against a more specific threat. Yet when
asked just what this threat was, all within hearing were struck down by
an overbearing force that bent reality around his words.

Clearly not able to gain any more information at this time, Qeddwyn
decided it would be best to take Amal away from Spinesreach and back to
his shops in Delos. There he could keep him from harming anyone else
while attempting to find out more about this mysterious creature, and
what his true creation was for.

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Midsummer, in the year 293 MA.