Act II: The Devouring.

Date: 6/26/2009 at 16:40
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Act II: The Devouring.

For two months, an uneasy wariness fell over both the mortals and Divine
of Sapience alike, as they waited for the inevitable return of the
Almighty Kerrithrim. Deep beneath the ocean, the monster slept as it
recovered the minor wound it received from the fallen God, Arion, during
their quick battle.

As if to mock the God of Valour, the Almighty Kerrithrim returned one
night in the middle of spring - the month of Arios. Emerging from the
ocean near Shastaan, the beast's great bulk left only a dazzling corona
visible from the bright display of the elemental vortex. Yet again, the
Kerrithrim advanced upon Sapience.

With epic strides, the Almighty Kerrithrim crossed the Siroccian
mountains easily, coming to a pause before the Tower of Artifice. Its
red eyes glared disdainfully at the structure, and with one mighty swat
it destroyed the building completely. Barely sparing the Tower a second
glance, the monster moved onwards, crossing the Siroccian ranges.

Its destructive path through Sapience continued until it eventually
reached the edges of the great Ithmian forests. The Abyssal Horror swept
its gaze over the extensive range of canopies, eerily still as it seemed
to contemplate the wilderness before it. Red eyes flaring with
incomprehensible anger, the Almighty Kerrithrim stomped a foot down in
the middle of the Western Ithmia. Trees splintered and exploded as a
giant shockwave swept through the area, leaving naught but a massive,
gaping black pit of indiscernible depth in its wake.

As the monster paused to observe its destruction, a trail of green ichor
dripped down from the under its tentacles, hinting at a still-open wound
out of obvious sight. The Almighty Kerrithrim turned away from the
burning forest and started striding back towards the ocean near Shastaan
to finish recuperating the injury received from the God of Valour,

Nearing the coast, the great monstrosity was suddenly confronted by a
Goddess - Khepri, the Seething Chaos. Currents of chaotic energies
flowed erratically about Her form as She hovered before the monster,
which towered over the Goddess. Momentarily surprised, the Almighty
Kerrithrim was forced into stillness as Khepri raised a hand. Smiling,
the Goddess gestured downwards with the hand, commanding "Sit! You are
of My domain, Harbinger of Chaos." The creature simply stared at the
Seething Chaos in abject confusion, before taking a step towards Her.

Ire marked the Goddess' features as She demanded once more, "SIT!
Together as one force of Chaos We shall consume this world!" Her voice
faltered slightly, and became trill as the monster loomed over Her.
Looking up into the Almighty Kerrithrim's piercing red gaze, Khepri took
a small step backwards and attempted to demand once more "SI-" but was
cut short as a monstrous hand shot out to grab Her in a powerful grip.

Shrieking with rage, the Goddess yelled, "Unhand Me, and heed My offer,
Almighty Kerrithrim! You do not comprehend what I am saying to you,
proposing to you!" Her words were ignored as the Almighty Kerrithrim
slowly rose its hand towards its maw. Screaming, Khepri attempted to
break free of the beast's fist, but Her struggle was futile. The
Kerrithrim's great maw opened, saliva splashing far away to the ground,
and jagged, triangular teeth were seen to await the Goddess. Then, with
utter lack of ceremony, the Goddess was shoved inside the Almighty
Kerrithrim's mouth, and with grim, abrupt finality the great maw shut.
Lady Khepri screamed no more. Followers of Khepri shouted in rage at the
death of their Goddess, but were forced to watch helplessly as the
Kerrithrim walked once more into the sea to rest and recover.

Once more, Sapience was spared the full wrath of the Almighty Kerrithrim
- but many began to wonder if they would be so lucky the next time beast
awakens. As such, many plans were proposed and arguments broke out over
what chance any mortal stood against such a Godkiller. Eventually,
Corporal Cazin of the Enorian Army proposed what some called "a suicidal
plan" - use catapults to launch mortals at the beast and attempt to find
a weak point. Cazin called an old engineer friend, Rhulin, out of
retirement to assist with building the catapults. Grumbling the entire
time, Rhulin worked diligently to construct the catapults as others
helped him by supplying the resources needed. Meanwhile, over in
Spinesreach, Severn, the Manipulator, was busy formulating His own
machinations. He ordered the city to begin recruiting more troops to use
against the Kerrithrim when it next arose, to serve as a distraction
while He carried out His plan.

Leaders of the five major cities met with each other, discussing
tentative alliances for the purpose of turning the Almighty Kerrithrim
back. Enorian and Spinesreach were quick to form an alliance, with
Ashtan, Duiran and Bloodloch eventually deciding to join. However, as
Villi Selannor, the Ard-Dhasani of Spinesreach, calculated the number of
their combined armies, she had doubts. They did not have near enough men
to stand any sort of chance of distracting the abomination while mortals
tried to scale it and Severn executed His scheme.

With the aid of Dhasan Elene Arcan, Villi set off on a diplomatic
mission to the various villages and communes of Sapience. Together, the
two utilized various methods such as bribery, flattery and the promise
of favours to add more to the alliance's forces: fifty Trolls from
Hashan, thirty illusionists from the Mit'olk, twenty-five necromantic
students from Tasur'ke, thirty bandits from Three Rock, one hundred and
fifty orcs and ogres from the Barony of Dun Valley, and seventy of
General Xaeon's goblins from Azdun. The idea was not lost on Enorian, as
Kylan D'ashil and Edhain de Verdigris also sought the assistance of
various places, eventually managing to acquire forty of Gladius' finest
Red Knights and twenty-five mages from the settlement of Salma.

The Almighty Kerrithrim continued its slumber. All knew it was only a
matter of time until it awakened yet again - but the next time, Sapience
was ready.

Penned by my hand on the 16th of Haernos, in the year 277 MA.