Act I: The Awakening.

Date: 6/16/2009 at 12:50
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Act I: The Awakening.

A giant, swirling vortex of the elements dominated the eastern horizon
in wake of the disaster visited upon Kelsys and Shastaan. Raging with
raw power, the uncontrollable energies of the vortex served as a
reminder that disastrous consequences can await those who lusted for
power beyond their mortal reach. Turbulent waters now wrack the eastern
coast, their fury fueled by the towering vortex.

Bodies of both Kelki and Shastaani began washing ashore shortly after
the carnage, many of them mutilated by the elemental vortex. Two notable
corpses amongst the mass of cadavers were that of Saayar and Ireia - the
two Spellshapers most responsible for the disaster that had occurred. As
more victims washed ashore, one coughed and stirred, rising frantically
to his feet with a wild expression. He was the harbinger of an even
greater terror to come.

As if compelled by some powerful presence, the deranged man began
heralding the arrival of one known as the "Almighty Kerrithrim". As he
raved, he suddenly threw back his head to laugh with a terrible madness,
before collapsing into the sand; the psychic force exerting itself upon
him taking its toll.

An ominous silence descended over the area as the observers considered
what they had just witnessed, broken only by the roaring of the
elemental vortex. However, their moment of contemplation was soon
broken. A towering monstrosity rose out of the ocean amid the vortex, a
multitude of glowing red eyes the only colour upon its black, humanoid
body. Masses of tentacles hung down from its oversized head, strands of
seaweed tangled among them. Raising a mighty foot, the beast began to
crash towards the shore.

Many foolish mortals flocked to Shastaan as the creature approached,
hoping to better observe the foreign creature. The Almighty Kerrithrim
paused, looking down at the mortals from a vast height. Then, its red
eyes flared with a volcanic light that swept over the crowd;
incinerating all who stood assembled in one deadly strike. Parasitic
creatures called Thrim dropped off the monster's great body and started
tearing across the area, latching onto mortals and bending them to their
will. The two-mile high Kerrithrim swept its gaze across the land,
seeking a target for its rampant destruction. As the glittering city of
Enorian caught its attention, the Kerrithrim advanced southwards, each
powerful stride quaking the land.

As the Almighty Kerrithrim loomed over the city walls, the metallic
voice of the God of Valour resonated across the land, "Courage, Enorian!
Steel yourselves, and meet this threat with Honour!" The abomination
looked up in surprise to see Lord Arion racing across the clouds upon
the back of His noble steed, Azaliel. "This... creature is one most
unlike any I have seen, and experienced," observed the God, as He drew
the Blade of Valour from its scabbard and held it poised above His head.
Spurring Azaliel into a charge, the Lord of Battle yelled "I am your
challenger, Monster!" and He thundered towards the great beast, which
easily dwarfed the God with its colossal size.

The Almighty Kerrithrim shifted its stance to meet the God, raising its
arms before its chest and poising its tentacles. As Arion rapidly
approached the monster, tentacles lashed towards Him from all
directions. The Blade of Valour strikes faster than is fathomable; its
flurried strikes a series of blurs as the Lord of Battle fought to get
past the enormous appendages. "Now fall, monster!" the Lord exclaimed
triumphantly as He struck a brutal blow to the monstrosity's neck,
nestled deep within the forest of tentacles.

As Arion emerged from the tangle once more, dripping in green ichor, He
brought His valiant steed around to observe the damage done. The monster
straightened up, green blood dripping from deep within its tentacles, as
it turned its piercing gaze upon the God. Arion paused, tired; His
features marked with uncertainty as the creature seemingly disregarded
the lethal blow. With humbling realization that the monster He faced was
stronger than He had initially thought, the Lord of Valor shouted, "I
cannot defeat this foe! It was created to stand against Us!" as He
prepared to spur His steed for another charge at the creature. As the
God approached, the Almighty Kerrithrim swung a hand furiously at Him,
sending both rider and steed flying into the Siroccian mountains.

Already weakened by His fight with the creature, Arion's essence was
quickly diminishing by what seemed to be a casual attack by the
Kerrithrim. Several of His followers immediately rushed towards the
Siroccians to find the God, but could only stare with disbelief as
the God of Valor faded from their very sight, leaving only His
mangled armour and broken steed. Broken hearted, all they could do was
mourn the passing of their Lord as Ravek, Phoenecia and Lycian carried
the fallen God's armour, and His brave steed's body back toward Mostyn,
the island that Arion called His own.

With the God of Valour now out of its way, the Almighty Kerrithrim turns
its attention back to Enorian. As it advanced, the monster suddenly
stumbled, instinctively raising a hand to the wound at its neck. Massive
droplets of the beast's green blood splashed upon the ground, and it
shot a sullen glare towards the Beacon of Light. With a last glance, the
monstrosity retreated, leaving a trail of blood behind as it took mighty
steps towards the ocean. Reaching the coast, the Almighty Kerrithrim
strode into the turbulent waters, gradually sinking out of sight.

At last, Sapience breathed a collective sigh of relief. The threat, for
now, had passed.

Penned by my hand on the 23rd of Severin, in the year 277 MA.