Shadows in Enorian

Date: 5/31/2009 at 22:57
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Shadows in Enorian

A roar shattered the silence over the city of Enorian recently as a
great beast circled in the sky overhead, and vanished in a cloud of
flame. Noting the connection to fire, the citizens rushed to the temple
in the Peshwar to speak with Malorea, priestess of Auresae. Finding her
just as puzzled as the rest of the citizens, they departed. Reports were
heard later of shadowy figures in the area, leading some to believe in a
connection between the two events.

The next month, a shadowy figure was seen running out of the city,
followed by an odd light from the volcano. Iridian, a young Daru,
bravely led an expedition to investigate. Ambushed there by two unknown
monks, the group spread the alert to the rest of Enorian. Ravek sought
further information about them, inquiring at the Grand Aetolian Library,
and he learned that the monks were rumored to be former Sentaari who now
practiced necromancy.

While the citizens searched for any sign of the monks, Kylan and Llok
headed for the nearby village of Jaru, catching another glimpse of the
creature that had so recently appeared above the city. The two
identified it as resembling a Khaimara, a mythical animal from Daru
legends possessing the head of a cobra, the body of a tiger, and the
wings of a red dragon. Llok returned to the volcano to attempt to summon
it, where he heard a telepathic voice warning them of an attack on the

Returning home, they encountered shadowy monks around every corner,
though the combined efforts of the people of Enorian soon defeated the
invaders. The monk's leaders, Brother Jerrol and Sister Thea, were then
discovered near the Daru guildhall, searching for the Khaimara. After a
heated argument, Brother Jerrol was slain, though his daughter, Thea,
slipped away. On one of the towers above the city, she was found again,
along with the Khaimara. Outnumbered, Sister Thea fled, using telepathy
to avoid any possible pursuit, and has not been seen since. The Khaimara
was offered a home at the monastery of the Daru, but the question of
whether Enorian has heard the last of these monks is yet to be answered.

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Haernos, in the year 275 MA.