Negotiations and rebels

Date: 4/22/2009 at 16:28
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Negotiations and rebels

Kutlya entered the room and nodded politely towards the High Cultist
sitting on a chair by the window and the Ophidian leaning against the
table. In a somewhat cheerful voice, she said, 'I believe my people are
pleased with this opportunity. Some of them are feeling isolated and
want a change. Others are hoping this will open new doors for them in
terms of trade.'

Nodding his head thoughtfully, the High Cultist said, 'Our friend from
the Great Rock just told me that they would come help too, if the city
agrees to accept all of us as a whole rather than just a few.' An
accepting nod was all he received from the snake-like creature next to
him, but it was enough to satisfy him. 'I believe we are ready to go
speak to the Ashtani leaders then.' Standing up, he beckoned the other
two to follow him as they went to negotiate with the city of Ashtan.

"I assume this is adequate?" Truft Mirari said as she led everyone into
the city library. After an affirmative response, the meeting was started
and terms were repeated from both sides just to make sure there were no
inconsistencies in the agreement. The single mage guard standing watch
near the entrance appeared somewhat unsettled, but when asked about it
he waved it away. While discussions were underway, a watchman entered
and approached Truft, whispering something to her. The watchman's words
caused her to react before anyone else could. The others who were
assembled looked on in surprise as the Overseer, while uttering a soft
chant, strode over to the mage and reached for his throat with ice-clad
hands. The ice crept up onto the mage as she slammed him without pardon
against the wall, hissing, "Now then. We should chat."

The guard's stunned response, after realizing he couldn't get away, was
to fall silent and glare at the watchman behind the Overseer, who said,
"Why not tell me what is going on before I freeze your whole body and
have young Akayn here punch it until it shatters into tiny little
bite-size pieces." The young monk stepped in closer, adopting a more
appropriate stance for a potential fight. Clearly upset, the mage guard
glared at the people in front of him as they sealed off his escape
route. "I did not sign up for protecting cultists!" he spitted towards
the newcomers standing near the dais, ignoring the following reprimand
from his leader.

The watchman returned the angry glare and said, "I've heard you
whispering, mage. You were considering togo against the leadership." The
mage's grumbling response and objections were not enough to satisfy the
Overseer, who's grip tightened around his throat. "If it is true that
you folks were planning on harming the leadership of Ashtan, then I will
have to rethink your place in my city." Staring angrily at the cultist,
the mage ignored the Overseer and as the icewall melted he decided to
attempt an escape. A new wall was put up in front of his nose and more
ice made him slump down to the ground in an undignified heap.

The mage was given a chance to leave peacefully and take his kin with
him, but instead he chose to shout a final warning to his friends that
the Overseer still would not listen and finally said, "I will not fight
alongside of them, neither will the rest of the mages. You will have to
fight us all down." After a final warning that went unheard, the mage
was downed by the assembled people.

After the mages' rebellion was subdued, the Overseer and Ambassador
Ilythla returned to the library to finalize the negotiations that had
been interrupted. Truft introduced her ambassador as she had to attend
something elsewhere.

"There is little else to say. After seeing this act, I believe we can
all agree you could use our help." said the High Cultist and the Indyuk
woman called Kutlya added, "With the mages gone, the city stands even
weaker. And we spoke to the defender in our quarters earlier and they
had already made preparations to retire along with the scholars."

Aware of her duties, Ilythla thanked the tribesmen for their time and
patience and wished them a safe journey back to their territories before
immediately turning her eyes to security issues and the hiring of new

"That went well, I think," said Kutlya softly and the other two nodded
as they left the library building together. After waving the Indyuk
woman off as she headed to the north, the cultist asked, "Are you sure I
can't buy some eggs from you?" Rolling his eyes at the man beside him,
the Ophidian turned south and the two men left the city, still
bargaining the price of stirge eggs; one striding, the other slithering.

Penned by my hand on the 12th of Niuran, in the year 272 MA.