A voice returns.

Date: 10/12/2008 at 0:38
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: A voice returns.

Flashing lights streaked the sky, forming a net of beaming lines that
lowered itself north of Jaru. A humming noise accompanied the pulsating
energy and a mumbling voice echoed slightly from somewhere.

Near a fissure in Pash, the strong light kept pulsating as the rest of
the light had faded, a gentle female voice could be heard, asking if
anyone could hear her. Shouting voices apparently reached through the
light as the lady within called out that she had heard them. The light
wavered, making the voice incoherent for a moment, before returning and
asking if anyone could guide her out, be her beacon.

Asking for the location and landmarks close by, as well as the name of
someone to focus on, Nemosyne stepped up and guided the invisible
someone towards them. Some people questioned the wise in this move,
seeing as they did not know who was on the other side of the flashing
light, but Nemosyne continued on. The light grew stronger, taking the
shape of a humanoid, glowing so bright it could hardly be looked upon.

As the blinding light faded, the form of Iosyne, the Muse remained,
gazing at the gathered people in as much amazement as they were looking
at Her. Greeting them She soon turned towards Her helper, Nemosyne, and
thanked her for being there to aide. Soon questions were raised, as
people had gathered their senses, but the Goddess seemed less than
prepared to speak of what She had had to deal with.

The mentioning of the second voice that had been heard within the lights
a few months earlier, made the Muse's face darken as She glared at the
still pulsating lights behind Her, adding Her concern for people's
safety near that specific location.

Whispering gently into Her ear, while Kylan asked about the arguing
voices he had heard, Sryaen mentioned the destruction of Her temple. Her
concentration wavered and She turned Her eyes to Sryaen for more

"A few months ago, M'Lady. Your.. Priestess didn't make it out," he
said. "The entire temple crumbled before my eyes. I've no idea what

Apparently shocked and saddened by the news, the Goddess hastened to the
previous location of Her temple, a place that now lay in ruins. More
questions were asked the tired Goddess, who still seemed to try and
collect Her mind.

"I've been completely locked away, shut out from any communication with
anyone for a very long time." She said, and as Kylan mentioned the
second voice again, She narrowed Her eyes again and muttered, "Yes, that
treacherous..." Her words cut short as She waved Her hand dismissively.

Glad to change the subject, She responded to Pjoll's question whether
She would try to rebuild the Sanctuary or not, saying it would be better
to find another place, as this one would never be the same. Clearly
exhausted now, the Goddess sank to the ground, only sparing a few
moments to say She would return again when She had rested, then She
excused Herself, leaving the masses behind to ponder.

Penned by my hand on the 9th of Khepary, in the year 257 MA.