New artifacts + changes

Date: 6/12/2014 at 18:10
From: Razmael, the Synthesist
To : Everyone
Subj: New artifacts + changes

More artifacts to come at a later date!


a huntsman's pouch
Power: animal_treats
Cost: 300cr

This already exists, but has been changed to accomodate the changes in the Sentinel class. It will now cause your woodlore animals to have no delay in being summoned outside of a forest. It also causes your animals to be summoned with double their normal health.

a dominion crystal
Power: mini_crystal
Cost: 400cr

This already exists, but has been improved. The number of possible facets it can hold has been increased from 100 to 10000.

a mark of growth
Power: enhanced_greenfoot
Cost: 400cr

Causes the Greenfoot in Naturalism to have no delay when generating overgrowth on entry, and removes the willpower drain. In addition, allows up to 4 rooms of overgrowth to be maintained without generating a willpower drain.

a carven skull
Artifact Property: songline_expand
Cost: 150cr

This already exists, but has been improved. Previously its effect was to allow a Shaman to have up to six songline totems, instead of the usual three. It still does that, but now in addition, Travel and Voyage will become much quicker for yourself and mutual allies.

a carven bangle
Power: enhanced_familiars
Cost: 300cr

While worn, all Shaman familiars summoned will have double the normal health pool. In addition, this will increase familiar damage output by 15%.

a sandwalker's mark
Power: enhanced_sand
Cost: 400cr

While worn, you will be able to form a sand pillar without using equilibrium, allowing you to utilize sand abilities instantaneously. In addition, allows up to 4 rooms of sand to be maintained without generating a willpower drain.

a bronze torc
Power: enhanced_sandstorm
Cost: 300cr

While worn, your sandstorm will increase its strength one second quicker. In addition, the effect of Harshen will be amplified.

a shard of the Pillars
Power: enhanced_golem
Cost: 300cr

When placed on your golem's head, it will instantly bring it to level 100, and prevent it from dropping below that level. In addition, your golem will do 15% more damage. Simply GIVE it to your golem to make it work.

a set of fang caps
Power: fast_milk
Cost: 300cr

This artifact will halve the balance loss from milking venoms.

an impassable gorget
Power: durable_walls
Cost: 75cr

This artifact will triple the length that icewalls, firewalls, thornwalls and lightwalls will stay in existence for before naturally expiring.

a target dummy
Power: substitution
Cost: 200/400/800cr

This already exists! But you can now upgrade it to level 2 and 3, increasing the dodge chance on mob_impale. Dodge chances are 33%/50%/66% for levels 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

a Do-It-Yourself carpentry kit
Power: extra_shelves
Cost: 150cr

Doubles the amount of shop shelves you can have in your shop from 10 to 20. Drop it in your stockroom for it to work.

a suit of reflexive webbing
Power: avoidance_recovery
Cost: 500cr

This artifact will reduce the cooldown of Avoidance's nimbleness and fortify skills to two minutes.

a shopping guidebook
Power: directory
Cost: 150cr

Allows you to use the shop DIRECTORY command from anywhere, for any city. Usage: DIRECTORY <city|ALL> <search>

a scroll rack
Power: enchant_store
Cost: 40cr

This artifact is capable of storing enchantment charges that you can then sell in a shop, similar to casks. Each rack can only store a single variation of enchantment, and hold up to 65000 charges for them.

After performing ENCHANT FOR <enchantment>, instead of doing the regular enchantment commands, you can do ENCHANT STORE <rack> to store an enchantment charge in the rack.

To remove the enchantment from the rack and all its charges, to ENCHANT DISCHARGE <rack>

To buy the enchantment when in a shop, you can do ENCHANT <item> FROM <rack/enchantment>, if it's an applied enchantment like resistances or icewall, or ENCHANT FROM <rack/enchantment> if it's a created item, like a worrystone.

a sheaf of falsified documents
Power: age_disguise
Cost: 150cr

This item allows you to disguise your age/birthday upon your honors - score will still show your real birthday. It cannot make you younger than 18, or born earlier than 12th of Arios, year 35. Usage: SETAGE <day> <month> <year>, e.g. SETAGE 12 VARIACH 100.


a wrought golden hand
Power: goldtouch
Cost: 150ic

Allows you to instantly kill most NPCs (exclusions including crit-immune, and loyal mobs) by turning it to gold. You'll receive 15 goldbars (the commodity), and receive an extra 250% experience from killing that mob. Can only be used once per howling.

a jewel-encrusted sacrificial dagger
Power: sacrifice
Cost: 50ic

Already exists, but improved a little bit. It will now work with the linked shrine power to generate ylem for your city.

Penned by my hand on the 25th of Ios, in the year 422 MA.