Great Hunt

Date: 4/13/2014 at 10:31
From: Razmael, the Synthesist
To : Everyone
Subj: Great Hunt

Another Great Hunt is upon us for the Easter weekend!

The event will begin on 00:01 GMT April 19th, and will run through until 23:59 on the 20th for a total of 48 hours. As usual, the Great Hunt will be split into three tiers: Levels 1-39, 41-79 and 80+! The tier you fall into when the event starts is the tier you will finish in. The top ten winners of each tier when the event ends will be rewarded with credit prizes.

And as always, the duration of the Great Hunt will also see everybody blessed with double experience!

Read HELP GREAT HUNT for more information, and refer to EVENTS for when the event will occur.

Penned by my hand on the 6th of Khepary, in the year 417 MA.