Lycan Revamp Changelog

Date: 4/13/2014 at 3:40
From: Oleis, the Infused
To : Everyone
Subj: Lycan Revamp Changelog

Shapeshifting changelog
- 'Lycan' is no longer a traditional class one learns. It is a separate
concept, outside the multiclassing system, earned by quest completion.
Up to 66% of your primary class skills will credit toward your
Shapeshifter skills. That means that a Teradrim Fabled in Terramancy
will be roughly Fabled in Ferality when mutated. A tri-trans Teradrim
will only be slightly above Fabled in the Shapeshifter skills, though.
You'll need to spend the usual number of lessons to tri-trans the class,
but this initial boost makes sure that everyone can get involved.
- MUTATE will bring you into your Shapeshifter form (werewolf, werebear,
wereboar, werecroc).
- REVERT will bring you back to your regular form.
- Mutation time no longer scales with skill level in Shapeshifting
- For 60 seconds after each mutation or reversion, Shapeshifters will
experience mutation sickness, a significant debuff meant to discourage
excessive shifting.
- Retract and Elongate have been removed. The 10% balance bonus from
retract is now inherent.
- Pawguard has been removed. Shapeshifters may now use the PARRY command
- Thickfur has been renamed to Bodyheat. The effect is now a persistent
defence which can block one freezing attempt every 20 seconds.
- Thickhide now provides 10% magic damage resistance in addition to its
previous effects. Magic damage resistance has therefore been removed
from Bracing.
- Removed "Language" from the Shapeshifting abilities. Shapeshifters
will be able to speak freely and intelligibly in their mutated forms.
- Mutation status has been added to gmcp.Char.Vitals so that systems may
properly detect which Wereform you're using.

- New mechanic: Madness. Every mutated Shapeshifter will slowly
accumulate Madness. (5% every 25 minutes at base level). Madness accrual
will be increased by the presence of other Shapeshifters in your room.
As madness increases, you'll notice the following effects:
+ Damage to you will increase proportional to your madness. Damage from
Ferality attacks will be boosted an additional amount.
+ Above 70% madness, you will be unable to revert to your regular form.
+ At 100% madness, you will fly into an animalistic rage, attacking any
player in sight. At this point, only killing another player or dying
will slake your bloodlust.

Madness slowly recedes while you're not mutated. The following things
also reduce Madness:
+ Eating carrion (slight reduction)
+ Killing mobiles (slight reduction)
+ Killing players (significant reduction)
+ Dying (complete removal)

Madness is sent as part of gmcp.Char.Vitals and is available as a
regular prompt option or custom prompt token. (@madness, color is ^L)

- Claw has been removed. It was quite redundant with Slash.
- Slash's syntax is now SLASH <target> [bodypart]. Bodypart remains
- JUGULARCLAW has been renamed to JUGULAR.
- THROATCLAW has been renamed to THROATSLICE.
- DESTROYARM/DESTROYLEG have been merged into DESTROY.
- Similarly, MANGLEARM and MANGLELEG have been merged into MANGLE.
- SKULLCRUSHER has been renamed to SKULLCRUSH. While the requirements
remain the same, the attack no longer has a distinct damage result for
each of the two possible activation criteria. Instead, it will behave
somewhere in the middle regardless of whether the target is unconscious
or proned with a concussion. Because this represents one of the only
serious combat balancing changes in this revamp, numbers are subject to
change after observation.
- FLURRY's messages have been condensed.

- The "inflating" howl has been removed. "Distasteful" will now deliver
belonephobia to undead players while causing anorexia in living players.
- New Croc-only shriek: Muddling. Delivers the magic_impaired
- New Boar-only squeal: Hypnotic. Delivers the hypersomnia affliction.
- Conversion to combat Messages complete. Between that and my obssessive
need to correct ancient grammatical errors, essentially every howl
message has changed in some way.

Penned by my hand on the 25th of Chakros, in the year 417 MA.