Territory fixes

Date: 3/10/2014 at 0:28
From: Maghak, the Sovereign
To : Everyone
Subj: Territory fixes

Thanks for your input regarding the territory system, guys! Here are
some fixes.

- Units should now properly report their deaths, removing themselves
from the roster.
- Previously dead and still-reporting units should now be gone.
- Troops numbers will now show up on CONSULT LEDGER TROOPS.
- You are no longer able to issue orders to Juxa's troops (oops).
- Fortifications now have a string for Duiran, Bloodloch and Enorian
control (double oops).
- The engineering tasks should now properly finish, allowing orders to
be cleared.
- Traps will now show up in 'what are your orders'.

Some clarifications:
- All control points must be held by troops to be considered in control
of an area.
- Only one trap or fortification can exist per-room. UNDERMINE will
destroy any room improvement present.
- Entrenching in a room (without enemy troops) will allow you to take
their fortification.

There are currently some issues with the territory controller regarding
different factions holding points - it simply shows up as 'uncontrolled,
uncontested' unless someone has all the points. I'll be working on that
in the next day or so to try and make it work as advertised - apologies
for any inconvenience.

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Lanosian, in the year 414 MA.