Date: 2/21/2014 at 17:10
From: Razmael, the Synthesist
To : Everyone
Subj: Behind-the-scenes

While there's plenty going on in the game world with the events of Juxa Steelhew and the Demon Blade, we realize that things have been pretty quiet in terms of releases. As such, we thought we'd give you a quick update on a couple of the things we have going on behind-the-scenes.

Work continues on coding in Aetolia's biggest ever liaison round! We have over 200 changes to implement, almost all of them coming from approved player reports. At this stage, we have half of them coded. Some of these changes have required a lot of codework - for example we rewrote Enchantment's code entirely. We've also snuck in a couple of new features with the liaison changes that some of you will no doubt enjoy.

We recently added in some new tools to let our development team add proper trackable objectives to quests, as part of our ongoing progress to improve Aetolia's questing environment. You'll no doubt eventually encounter this system for yourself as we continue to add new quests, and update old ones to support it.

Several of our newbie areas are being revamped to be more exciting and engaging. These areas will eventually host the new city-specific newbie tours we currently have in the works, and our long-term goal is to have these areas lead in to an overarching questing storyline that a newbie can explore for their city.

And yes, we've been working on Bloodloch's academy!

As you can see, we're as busy as ever, and this is only a handful of the projects that we're working on. We hope you're looking forward to them!

Penned by my hand on the 16th of Chakros, in the year 413 MA.