Xmas update!

Date: 12/23/2013 at 8:14
From: Razmael, the Synthesist
To : Everyone
Subj: Xmas update!

Merry Christmas and otherwise Happy Holidays to everyone!

Here's a little update present for you guys:

* The auction house that's on the highway has been revamped and moved to Delos! Perfect for those wanting to sell goodies they've gotten from chests, but have no shop to do so. Read HELP AUCTIONHOUSE for more information.

* The Focusing ability has been dropped down from Transcendent to Adept skillrank, opening it to new combatants. Its cooldown and mana cost have been doubled, but don't panic yet, read on...

* Replacing it at Transcendent is a new ability that will halve the cooldown and mana cost of the Focusing ability, so nothing will have changed for those of you already Transcendent in the skill!

* There is a new config option: CONFIG IGNOREOFFBALCURES. This option will allow you to filter the output when someone eats a curative while they don't have curing balance for that curative - i.e. it will not be displayed to you. This should make building your affliction trackers a lot easier! This option is for herbs/slices and pipes/tinctures only - salves/poultices already do this by default.

* The GMCP users amongst you will now find a new GMCP table: Char.Afflictions. This table will be updated whenever you see a normal affliction view output line. Hidden afflictions will not display until you diagnose, even if you trip any sort of second-hand affliction lines for them, such as attempting to stand while paralyzed. The table will only update for afflictions which have registered on affliction view.

* You will also now find two new additions to gmcp.Char.Vitals: affelixir, which tracks your balance for the special elixirs/serums like levitation and euphoric. The second: writhing, which will be set to '1' if you are currently actively writhing from an affliction.

* We now have an IRONCOINS FOR SALE market, which will allow you to easily and safely sell your Iron Coins for gold! Use the IRONCOINS command for a full syntax list.

* And lastly, you can now POSEITEM <item> <description> to affect how it will look in the room. For example, I could do something like this:
DROP KNIFE1234 [throws $item at the wall near $omei's head]
POSE ITEM KNIFE1234 A steel throwing knife is sticking out of the wall here.

* POSE ITEM <item> CLEAR to remove it.

* You need to include the item's name-type in its custom pose somewhere. In the above example, I would've had to include 'knife' to successfully set the item pose. This will only work for items that you can normally pick up and drop,
and its pose will be reset whenever the item moves at all. Be responsible with this, we're placing a great deal of trust in people to use this appropriately. All interactions of items with this type of posing is logged, and easily
monitored by Gods. We'll be reseting any poses we find inappropriate, and disabling the command for the offending player.


Penned by my hand on the 20th of Midsummer, in the year 408 MA.