Cryptic chests update

Date: 12/20/2013 at 15:51
From: Razmael, the Synthesist
To : Everyone
Subj: Cryptic chests update

Hello all!

As recently mentioned in Announce Post #2201, we are changing up the contents of our cryptic chests.

The following minipets have been removed from the list of possible minipets obtained from the chest:
- Tengu, Armadilleon, Basilisk, Hydra
- Syll, Jackalope, Rojalli, Amphisbaena

All of the old set artifact items (except the chest pieces) have been removed from the list of chest rewards. But don't panic, these aren't going anywhere and may return one day. They are just being rotated out of the chests.

And without further ado, here are the new set artifact items obtainable through the chests:

A four-pointed star of the Priesthood
* 1x a length of brass chain
* 1x wa ooden circle etched with sacraments
* 1x four-pointed wooden star
* 1x a gem of spirit

When someone breaks your magical shield (via hammer, raze, etc), you will be healed for a small portion of your health. Does not work when your shield is stripped by a skill that strips defences randomly, unless it always strips shield first).

An abdalite glove
* 1x an icewyrm glove
* 1x a focusing gem
* 1x a glass feedback reservoir
* 1x a strand of pure earth essence

Allows you to do CLENCH GLOVE which summons (temporary) rubble across all exits. Usuable once per Howling.

A hunter's handbook
* 4x doppleganger-skin parchment

Allows you to view a mob's maximum hitpoints when using the EVALUATE command.

A hunter's horn
* 1x a silver mouthpiece
* 1x a silver flange
* 1x a broken hunter's horn
* 1x a leather carrying strap

BLOW HORN will cause mobs in the room to attack slower for the next ten seconds, however they will do more damage. This can only be done once every five minutes.

A hunter's knife
* 1x a knife blade
* 1x a ivory knife handle
* 1x a set of leather grips
* 1x a leather knife sheathe

Any mob you kill while the hunter's knife is in your inventory will respawn 10% faster than normal.

A set of hunter's tools
* A hunter's handbook
* A hunter's horn
* A hunter's knife
NOTE: Unlike other set item artifacts, all of those artifacts need to belong to you.

This artifact contains all the powers of its set items, with bonuses! Bonuses are as follows:

Book: You will now also see the mob's current hitpoints.
Horn: The effect will now last for 15 seconds, and will not increase the mob's damage.
Knife: You can PLANT KNIFE IN GROUND once per Howling, and it will reset most mobs for that area. Does not work on instances.

Penned by my hand on the 6th of Chakros, in the year 408 MA.