Stat and statpack changes

Date: 12/1/2013 at 2:35
From: Razmael, the Synthesist
To : Everyone
Subj: Stat and statpack changes

We have a big change to release today that affects stats, statpacks and curing! This is a big post with lots of changes, so please take the time to read all of it carefully. These numbers and effects are all subject to change without warning for the next two weeks.

* Endgame statpacks no longer exist.
Previously, the jump from 98 to 99 provided a huge combat barrier. By removing these, we help create a more gradual slope into combat, using a new system of enhancements (detailed below).

* Endgame races automatically gain +1 con now.

* All statpacks have been rebalanced and retooled. Some have been deleted.

* Everybody's statpack has been changed to 'typical' in light of this.

* For the next two weeks, we'll be allow you to use the REINCARNATE command for free. This will only be usable once an hour.
* At the end of this period, everybody will be given a final free reincarnation.

Enhancements is a system that allows someone to increase their stats, resistances and other properties. This allows one a great degree of customization and flexibility previously unavailable in the old system.

* You will gain 1 enhancement point at 80, 1 point at 90, 2 points at 99 and 1 point at 100.

* There are five groups you can invest these points into: Stats, Speed, Protection, Resistance, and Stamina. Each group will be detailed below.

* ENHANCEMENTS will list your current enhancements and available points.

* ENHANCE <group> <enhancement> to invest your enhancement points.

* Enhancement points will be reset whenever you reincarnate.

Enhancements - Stats:
* You can invest into stat enhancements up to two times.
* You cannot invest into the same stat enhancement twice.
* You can invest into either strength, intelligence, dexterity or constitution. This will increase the stat by +1.

Enhancements - Speed:
* You can invest into speed enhancements only once.
* You can invest into either balance, or equilibrium. This will increase your balance or equilibrium by 7%.
* Enhancing your speed stat will decrease your max health and mana by 6%.

Enhancements - Protection:
* You can invest into protection enhancements only once.
* You can invest into either cutting or blunt. This will increase your resistance to that damage type by 10%.

Enhancements - Resistance:
* You can invest into resistance enhancements up to two times.
* You cannot invest into the same resistance enhancement twice.
* You can invest into either fire, cold, electric or magic. This will increase your resistance to that damage type by 10%.

Enhancements - Stamina:
* You can invest into as many stamina enhancements are you are able to.
* You can enhance the following things:
o Endurance regeneration
o Willpower regeneration
o Experience bonus
* Endurance and willpower regeneration can only be enhanced one time.
* Experience bonus can be enhanced up to two times.


Augmetic enhancements:
Augmetic enhancements are a special type of enhancement that is only available from level 110 onwards. For every ten levels including and beyond level 110, you will gain one augmetic enhancement point. These points can be invested into the following enhancements:
* 2% bonus to max health (can be taken up to 3 times)
* 2% bonus to max mana (can be taken up to 3 times)
* 10% reduced writhe time (can be taken only once)
* +1 to movement speed (can be taken up to 2 times)
* +1.5% crit rate (can be taken up to 2 times)
* +1.5% crit strength (can be taken up to 2 times)


Enhancement sets:
Enhancement sets is a system that allows you to store your current enhancement layout for easy retrieval later. This allows those of you who reincarnate a lot to easily readjust your enhancements to suit.

Syntax as follows:
- Memorizes your current enhancement layout.
- You can have up to ten sets max.

- Reapplies a remembered enhancement set.
- Does not work if you already have any points invested.

- Deletes a remembered enhancement set.

- Lists the names of your stored enhancement sets.

- Lists of the details of an enhancement set.

The contribution from strength, dexterity and intelligence towards damage now has diminishing
returns. This means that as these stats increase from the average vaglue, the effective amount each
point contributes is reduced. This scaling change only applies to damage output, and will not affect
total health, mana, or dodge values.

Previously, the linear formula between stats and damage output meant that the extremes were offering
a massive disparity in damage range.

Further changes to this formula may happen in the coming weeks as we observe it in play.

Curing changes:
* Herb balance from 1.75 to 1.90 seconds.
* Normal salve balance from 1.00 to 1.10 seconds.
* Restoration salve balance from 4.00 to 4.30 seconds.
* Pipe balance from 1.50 to 1.60 seconds.
* Tree balance from 10.00 to 10.70 seconds.

This also affects their Reanimation equivalents.

The serration weaponry rune is being deleted and all owners will be given a full refund. This will occur shortly after this post.

Class specific changes:
* [Battlefury]: Doublestrike and Doubleswing damage has been lowered.
* [Hematurgy]: Stillmind's effect has been changed. It now gives +1 dexterity and +1 intelligence.

Whew that was a lot of changes! We will be observing how these play out and will no doubt be making additional tweaks in the coming days. We will post on these when they happen. I suggest directing any questions you might have to our forum thread (, but I am of course happy to respond to any questions you send me directly.

Penned by my hand on the 13th of Niuran, in the year 406 MA.