December promotion

Date: 12/1/2013 at 0:12
From: Razmael, the Synthesist
To : Everyone
Subj: December promotion

The Great Hunt has ended! Results and prizes for that will be given out shortly. November has now passed, and that means it's time for a new promotion!

For all of of December we are running cryptic chest packages, available for purchase through our website. Here's what's new in the chests (so far!):
* Four new minipets:
- A rhinoceros minipet
- A drakir minipet
- A stoneworm minipet
- A crocodile minipet

* Three new compendium page areas:
- Tiyen Esityi
- The Isle of Ollin
- Ayhesa Cliffs

* Chocolates!

At the end of the month, one lucky Aetolian will be drawn from all those who have purchased chests that month. This winner will receive a free entry ticket to IronCon in 2014! Ticket only covers entry, and is transferable if you cannot make it.

Check out and click on artifact packages to see how to get them.

Lastly, rumour has it you might see a certain gift-giving Dwarf later in the month, so keep a look out!

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Niuran, in the year 406 MA.