Scary Good Fixes

Date: 10/31/2013 at 3:09
From: Oleis
To : Everyone
Subj: Scary Good Fixes

While the release of the intense Teradrim changes has been an overall
positive experience, the influx of new blood to the class has revealed
some issues, both with our recent changes and previous mechanics. I've
loaded the following changes with the aim of slightly reducing
Teradrim's significant power:

- There is now a 4 second per-target cooldown on Sandstorm's
damage/bleeding effect. This will have no effect on 1v1 combat but
should eliminate Sandstorm's stacking potency.
- Batter is doing far too much damage at its base level. I have reduced
it slightly.
- Stonefury (especially when combined with Blue Major Rune) provides far
too much damage without a significant cost other than the opportunity
cost of other imbues. While our upcoming modifications to the way we
handle stat scaling should help this issue, I want to ensure that
Stonefury is a mechanic with strengths and weaknesses, not a go-to
+ Reduced Stonefury's damage increase to 12% against players (still 15%
against mobs).
+ Reduced Major Blue damage increase to 8% multiplicatively (down from
10% multiplicatively)
+ There is now a 15% balance malus on flail attacks when using
Stonefury. Using the Major Blue rune will mitigate this malus to 10%.
This applies in both PvP and PvE.

My biggest non-combat goal is to ensure our game systems are
user-friendly and based on clean, stable code. I've made a few changes
and fixes with user-friendliness in mind:

- The Changelog system now merely tracks the most recent one you've
read. Previously, it tracked each individual change separately.
- Additionally, newbies will no longer be notified of the changelog on
login. Upon leaving newbie-dom, their unread changes will consist only
of changelogs filed since their character's creation.
- READNEWS <section> LAST will now take you to the last available
article in that news section.
- JPK is once again available as a kick in COMBO.
- Tekura COMBO and Dhuriv COMBO now work in Retardation/Aeon.
- PATH FIND GUILD will now direct Bloodborn to a more appropriate room.

And, as always, fixed some ugly bugs and typos.


Penned by my hand on the 21st of Arios, in the year 404 MA.