New Iron Coin artifacts

Date: 10/30/2013 at 3:05
From: Razmael, the Synthesist
To : Everyone
Subj: New Iron Coin artifacts

The end of our current promotion draws near! Your last chance to claim your racetrack betting tickets and Iron Coins will be October 31 at 23:59 GMT!

The racetrack will remain open until November 7th, so you will have some time after the promotion ends to use your tickets up.

Without further ado, here's our next batch of artifacts! Expect to see some more artifacts in the coming weeks.

New Minipets

This time we have a set of vermin-themed minipets available for you!

A carrion beetle
Cost: 15ic

A pebbly black snake
Cost: 15ic

A dark, wiry rat
Cost: 15ic

A reticulated planthopper
Cost: 15ic

A white seagull
Cost: 15ic

An ugly pincher
Cost: 15ic

Iron Coin Artifacts

A clockwork messenger bat
Power: clockwork_bat
Cost: 40ic

This bat was once a promotion item and is now being released to the public! CRANK BAT FOR <target> SAYING <message>, will send bat flying off to your target to deliver its message. Can only be used once every 15 minutes.

A glass of neverending eggnog
Power: endless_eggnog
Cost: 50ic

Another old promotion item! Every howling, this glass will refill with five sips of delicious eggnog. Drinking the eggnog will grant you one of the following defences for an hour: increased crit chance, increased health, increased mana, increased experience gain, increased endurance regen, increased willpower regen. You can only have one eggnog buff at a time, as redrinking the eggnog will remove any current eggnog buffs you have.

A set of tattoo stamps
Power: instant_tattoos
Cost: 40ic

The holder of this artifact will find that any tattoo they ink upon themselves or another person will be completed instantly.

A brass bullhorn
Power: windbag
Cost: 30ic

Now you can annoy everybody twice as much with pointless banter! This artifact will halve the endurance and willpower cost when shouting. Warning: Does not protect you from the zaps of irritated Gods; use with caution.

A pet leash
Power: pet_addict
Cost: 30ic

Too many minipets and can't choose a favourite to keep with you? Now you don't have to! This leash will allow the owner to have up to five minipets with them at once.

A simple sock puppet
Power: ventriloquism
Cost: 40ic

Master the art of throwing your voice with this sock puppet! VOICETHROW <direction> <message> will allow you to speak in an adjacent room, appearing as a 'disembodied voice'. You can also VOICETHROW HERE <message> to make it appear as if the puppet is talking in your current location!

An amorphous putty
Power: putty
Cost: 70ic

PRESS this putty against another item or NPC and the putty will remember that thing's current form. You may then MOLD PUTTY to change its form into its remembered shape, and UNMOLD PUTTY to return it to normal. Trick your friends into thinking Yudhishthira has suddenly appeared in their home! The putty can only remember the form of one object, and pressing it against another object will cause it to forget its previous.

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Ios, in the year 404 MA.