NaNoWriMo challenge!

Date: 10/29/2013 at 12:26
From: Ere, the Celebrant
To : Everyone
Subj: NaNoWriMo challenge!

November is National Novel Writing Month, and Aetolia embraces the
creative spirit by challenging you, our loyal players, to take up the
call and write! The challenge of NaNoWriMo is to throw away all your
preconceptions about the difficulty of writing a novel, and join in the
spirit of collective effort to punch one out in only 30 days time.

The goal of this challenge is to complete a novel of 50,000 words by
Midnight on November 30th. In the hopes of inspiring any of you who may
be on the fence about making such a commitment, we offer the following:
Any Aetolian player who completes a 50,000+ word novel set in the
Aetolian universe and submits it before the 5th of
December 2013, will receive, upon review of at least a baseline level of
quality, 750 unbound credits, no strings attached! We know the intricate
craft of your roleplay lends itself well to creating personalities of
immense depth, and this is the perfect opportunity to flesh out some of
your ideas in a more expansive fashion.

As with the Bardic contest entries, all works submitted for the Aetolian
NaNoWriMo Challenge become the property of Aetolia, LLC, and your works
will be featured and available to the public upon submission and
recognition for a prize. Any questions about the process may be directed
to Razmael, and more inforation about National Novel Writing Month can
be found at

Good luck to all willing participants!

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Ios, in the year 404 MA.