Teradrim Changes

Date: 10/21/2013 at 0:58
From: Oleis
To : Everyone
Subj: Teradrim Changes

Hello, all. When the last liaison round concluded (eons and eons ago),
we knew we were likely to make some large changes to Teradrim. However,
after seeing the sheer volume of reports related to the Teradrim skills
and a bit of deliberation about our plans for Aetolian combat, we
decided to break away from the micro-level change of the Liaison system
and prepare a large rework of the Teradrim. This is by no means a revamp
(like Sentinels) or a reimagining (like Carnifex), but the removal of
momentum as a driving factor in Teradrim combat should help so many

Also unlike Liaison system changes, these are not set in stone until the
next time you may file reports. We're going to be actively looking at
the class and listening to its users to make sure everything is going as
planned. Please don't hesitate to message me your concerns about the
changes below. We want Teradrim to finally be in a good place for a
while, so that everyone can appreciate the complexities of the class.

- I've done some tweaking of the skill's overall damage. Limb damage
should have increased a decent amount with general damage numbers
staying roughly the same (or slightly higher). However, damage against
mobiles should be slightly lower overall.

- New ability: Furor. Strikes two limbs. EARTH FUROR <tar> <limb 1>
<limb 2>.

- Yellow Major rune now causes Erosion to increase sandstorm level to
Massive, regardless of current size.

- Green Major rune now gives Fracture a 50% chance to prone.

- Green Minor rune now causes Gutsmash to give the Heartflutter

- Momentum is now an active command. Your next 5 flail attacks will have
their balance costs reduced by 20%. Requires equilibrium and balance but
takes neither. There is a 2 minute cooldown after using this ability.

- Stonevice now doubles all weapon-based bleeding.

- Stonefury is now a flat damage bonus of 15%. Major blue rune will
boost it a further 10% multiplicatively.

- Earthwill is no longer an imbue but an active command: Earthenwill.
PREPARE EARTHENWILL will cause your golem to empower its next attack
(guaranteed). 12s cooldown on use. Uses equilibrium but does not require

- Slice can be used in sandstorms as small as "Moderate." However, size
will still drop two levels upon use.

- New ability: Ruminate. Like meditate but requires sand. Gives back
gobs of willpower.

- Sandstorm growth now happens every 8s (4s in sand), down from 10s/5s.

- New imprint: Shatter. Golem will destroy translucent shields.

- Shake now consumes herb balance.

Penned by my hand on the 5th of Midsummer, in the year 403 MA.