Assistant Producer

Date: 9/20/2013 at 3:25
From: Razmael, the Synthesist
To : Everyone
Subj: Assistant Producer

Hello everybody!

We have some very, very exciting news for Aetolia! We have very recently
formalized the hiring of a new Assistant Producer for Aetolia!

Please welcome Riley Pagett, who plays Oleis, as our new Assistant

Oleis' role as Assistant Producer will be to primarly focus on the large
amount of huge coding projects we have, acting as Aetolia's coding head.
As such, please continue to contact me regarding any artifact, credits
or other such producer-related inquiries.

Again, welcome Oleis! We're pleased to have you on board.

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Variach, in the year 401 MA.