New artifacts - part 1

Date: 8/29/2013 at 5:09
From: Razmael, the Synthesist
To : Everyone
Subj: New artifacts - part 1

Over the new few weeks, we'll be releasing several new artifacts. Here's
the first batch! All of these are available in Qeddwyn's store as of
this moment.

A resonating micro-cistern
Power: residual_expand
Cost: 100/200/400cr

Expands the maximum capacity of your residual energy reserves by

A collapsible anvil
Power: portable_forge
Cost: 500cr

Allows you to forge items anywhere that you drop this item. Bonus
feature: While flying, you can DROP ANVIL ON <target>.

An aventurine labret
Power: gentle_break
Cost: 250cr

Should your mindlock break from your victim for unexpected reasons, the
victim will not receive any message about the mindlock while you are
wearing this ring.

An inscribed bandage
Power: artifact_bandage
Cost: 40cr

This artifact bandage will never decay and will contain twice the normal
amount of presses.

A collapsible shelf
Power: stockroom_expand
Cost: 100cr/200cr/400cr

When placed in a shop's stockroom, this artifact will expand the
stockroom's max size by 100/200/400. Only one shelf per stockroom will

An Amulet of Imal
Power: essence_regen
Cost: 400cr

Wearing this amulet will triple the amount of life essence you gain from
the natural essence regen.

An Amulet of Lenci
Power: devotion_regen
Cost: 400cr

Wearing this amulet will triple the amount of energy you gain from the
natural Devotion regen.

A holy relic of Sahmie
Power: lightwall_cast
Cost: 125cr

Usage: POINT RELIC <direction>
Bestows the creation of lightwalls upon the holder.

A shock sigil
Power: shock_sigil
Cost: 50cr

Acts like a flame sigil in all respects, except it allows only the owner
to pick up the item it's attached to, or remove the sigil from an item
it's attached to.

An icon of Divinity
Power: artifact_icon
Cost: 500cr

A permanent holy icon that contains an unlimited amount of charges. You
can TOUCH ICON TO SHRINE to change the appearance of the icon to the
shrine patron's.

A rune of transformation
Power: transformation
Cost: 125cr

Can store customization information on one weapon type. When attached to
a weapon of that type, it will transform the weapon into the customized
description. First description with the rune is free, changing it
thereafter costs standard
customization fee. Use the HELP CUSTOMIZATION system on the rune to set
its appearance. Allows you to create magical weapons (within reason)
that normal forging otherwise wouldn't.

A venantium magnet
Power: rune_remove
Cost: 600cr

Allows the owner of the magnet to remove any runes belonging to them
from a weapon, simply ATTACH the magnet to the weapon. Can only be used
once every 60 minutes.

A target dummy
Power: substitution
Cost: 200cr

33% chance of dodging mob_impale by quickly substituting yourself with
the target dummy.

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Arios, in the year 399 MA.